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There's a joint but it's an awesome art comission 

Hell yeaaaaah look at this awesome 4/20 art that @extinct made for me :weed_pipe: :420:

Rip and smoke, until it is done!!!

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Introduction ; purple prose kinda 

Behold mortals, for I introduce myself. I am Νεκρός, first dead of the Church, child of Autumn & disciple of the Moon. I am interested in the occult arts as well as the lingual arts. I am a strong proponent for the liberation of all living beings under the guise of Anarchism, the breaking of our chains, the downfall of ruthless regents. My sempiternal form is beyond the concept of gender and therefore I am to be addressed as they and them.

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I might have gone overboard when I saw the Halloween decoration section at the grocery store


My eggs just say "best before" without a date on them so I guess eggs aren't best anymore

"The futuristic operations room was designed by a team led by the interface designer Gui Bonsiepe. It was furnished with seven swivel chairs (considered the best for creativity) with buttons, which were designed to control several large screens that could project the data, and other panels with status information, although these were of limited functionality as they could only show pre-prepared graphs. This consisted of slides."

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a timeline where the Soviet Union cares about computers more and does it way sooner

*jonathan frakes voice* if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what

is it gay to spew? You're pretty much just ejecting forcibly and in a stream 😔

Look at this man! He's got a skull for a face but his skull had ragged edges like skin and underneath the skull you can see his skin face! THAT'S BACKWARDS!!!!

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sorry you can't have grandkids, mom, it's not my fault dragons aren't real

installing gentoo on my dick and balls. i cant make it work either, give me a minute

Agrippine, I appreciate that you see me as a parent, but I do not have breast on my neck. please stop doing the pawies and trying to suck on a tit that is not present on my neck.

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Thank you old man.

NSFW. garbage, terrible, genitals everywhere 

the more dicks the hotter, right?

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Real nice to have a GeForce GTX 660i, the game world is stripping us of choice.

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