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There's a joint but it's an awesome art comission 

Hell yeaaaaah look at this awesome 4/20 art that @extinct made for me :weed_pipe: :420:

Rip and smoke, until it is done!!!

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Introduction ; purple prose kinda 

Behold mortals, for I introduce myself. I am Νεκρός, first dead of the Church, child of Autumn & disciple of the Moon. I am interested in the occult arts as well as the lingual arts. I am a strong proponent for the liberation of all living beings under the guise of Anarchism, the breaking of our chains, the downfall of ruthless regents. My sempiternal form is beyond the concept of gender and therefore I am to be addressed as they and them.

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INCREDIBLY hot take regarding "discourse" finale, the hottest one 

if you genuinely *genuinely* ACTUALLY cared about other people on this website, or the wellbeing of this website, you would keep your nose out of "discourse" that didn't affect you, stop treating it like some televized drama show on the CW where every ACTUAL PERSON PARTICIPATING IN A DISCUSSION is some charicature of a dramatic character, and wait until you were asked to weigh in on it

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What's up, work is almost over so I'm not giving a fuck about "dress code" and I'm being as queer as I can be (selfie, EC)

INCREDIBLY hot take regarding "discourse" 

if people on here learned not to gawk at tension every 10 seconds when it erupted and learned not to just spew their opinions when, quite frankly, it isn't relevant, no one asked for it, and it sucks fucking ass and shit, and just let the people involved have their discussion, it wouldn't end up feeling like some underground cock-fight that gets turned into a site-wide brawl

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INCREDIBLY hot take regarding "discourse" 

the reason discourse on here gets So Bad™️ is genuinely because of outside agitators

people who have no business getting their noses involved in """the discourse of the day""" end up snooping around, subposting, asking people for the "hot dish", they end up making uninformed posts that are unrelated to the original kernel of the discussion, and then other people start making their own uninformed takes based on the prior uninformed takes

are they, you know, *bares teeth* a socialist?

historical figure: I FUCK DUDES

heterosexual historian: what could this mean. i guess we'll never know for sure,

messing with fluid simulations is one of the most fun things in blender lmao

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ok last one this was really fun to make and i think was the last big scene i ever made

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thank you to whatever museum it is that provides a wonderfully detailed 3d model of the bust of antinous

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mmmmh I have some ideas....some villainous queer lich art ideas

Oof, that was a really bad head shave :/ I shouldn't wait that long or if I do I should use the clipper first.

raising the social cost of reactionary politics works & is necessary

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