Websites please make you RSS feeds available

@ChaosSkeleton I read the "Sluggy Freelance" webcomic for, oh, fifteen years.

Once the RSS feed stopped, I stopped reading. Not deliberately. But it didn't show up in my reader, so I never went to the site unless I thought about it. Which was less and less often.

@mwlucas @ChaosSkeleton Same here. I've stopped reading things I liked because the RSS feed disappeared. I used to be huge into Slggy Freelance (my chat-name of squeekyhoho was my attempt to get one of the Christmas Elves as an AIM name). But then it stopped and now I'm not sure I can muster the will to care anymore. I think I gave away my books (possibly at Penguicon).

(Didn't help that I also got so far behind in the comic, but that's another story).

@craigmaloney @mwlucas @ChaosSkeleton Yeah, I also lost Sluggy then.

Meanwhile, I still read Mansion of E, Station V3 (back from a couple years hiatus!), and Schlock Merc every day, because they have reliable RSS feeds.

@SwellGuy @vickysteeves also probably because then people don't go to your ad filled website and you lose revenue or something like that

@ChaosSkeleton @SwellGuy @vickysteeves Don't they have complete control over what gets shown in their RSS feed anyway? For so many things I would need to visit the site to get a complete picture, so it's not like they'd lose out on that?

@ChaosSkeleton @vickysteeves I manage to get some of those through Reddit (popular websites end up on Reddit, or get posted by their author on Reddit even though they didn't set up RSS). Reddit has RSS feeds for subreddits/users.

For example since broke I subscribe to

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