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NileRed: the liquid was a bit cloudy, so I needed to run it through a cotton filter. when I went to grab a filter, I realized that I had run out, so I went to store to buy some.
on my way to the store I saw some people filming one of those pornos you see sometimes where 2 girls piss on each other by the highway, which prompted me to make a small detour to the library, where I could read up about public indecency laws.
what I found was pretty interesting, because legally speaking I am a sex offen

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I'm hanging out with all your IRL friends. I'm repeating your jokes but louder. they think I'm hilarious

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uh hyuck well gawrsh minnie I appreciate the offer but my dick don't work

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oh now that it's been registered i can tell y'all what it is without someone being a weirdo and snagging it first

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@DMX yeah my major marvel exception is Deadpool. He is a silly bisexual fellow and his escapades make me laugh and are pretty well-done on film tbh

sorry but I sincerely hope they never stop making Deadpool movies. them shits got a grip on me

earache crowdfunding vinyl repressings is actually kinda smart

I'm a stranger to love, Greg. can you you give me up?

@DMX she barely understood incels so i think that might be too much

chess is one of those games where i know and understand the rules and can play a game if sat down in front of a board but i have absolutely no fucking idea what im doing and how to do anything effectively and just mostly do random bullshit

a sac fly is when you accidentally zip up your pants on your balls

I wonder how long ago my work homie quit. I'm a terrible friend

i had to explain to my therapist what incels were today

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