You ever get too angry to drive? Send me cute animals.

I haven't posted on here in awhile and I should change that. This really is a great instance.

if merritt kopas ever comes to fedi i will personally suplex them into hell

oh yeah twitch, you know me, you know i absolutely love annoying af white girls who say the n-word :|

Show thread recommending me nyanners

id rather shoot myself in the foot

yall should watch len kabasinski's curse of the wolf

as admin, i hope extinct has a top hat, a sash, and and silly little moustache

if anyone alive exemplifies the energy of skeleton with a trumpet, it's @extinct

1 flowless vs 10 lil fat rhyses with katanas who will win

unrelated to anything, i have some banana bread and i cant stop eating it

this is why im fat

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