I've been watching a lot of subbed dragon ball on Hulu and boy this show is HORNY. Say what you will about funimation dubs but they deff shielded me from it way back when


New phrase: Fightfuck. When the music/vibe makes you wanna fight and or fuck

No one:
The fedi without seeing red for months:


New phrase: Fightfuck. When the music/vibe makes you wanna fight and or fuck

Fighting the power within the boundaries the power allows is no way to fight

Me: i don't understand how power can corrupt people so completely
Also me: *gets 6 Facebook likes and gets extremely overconfident in his opinions*

In a Facebook thread watching dozens of white wiccans saying "actually you're the one being racist" when they're being told to stop appropriating bipoc religious customs.

So much for getting a job any time soon. But I'd rather be a bum for a few more weeks than the cause of some ones death

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My ma got tested positive for corona.
She's feeling better thank God but now i gotta go get tested and so do my friends
This sucks

If i was a pancake I'd be the one you flipped wrong and threw in the trash before anyone saw it

On Twitter they're arguing over whether the term himbo is Ableist

Crafting and base building games are so popular because it's likely as close aa anyone from this generation will get to having a home


Part of me hopes all those trump supporters get corona but the other part of me knows they'll probably spread it to countless others before they die. But god i want them to suffer

why has no one made a cliffracer fursona yet?

Drawing characters with masks seems like a good way to teach artists how to make their characters emote without facial expressions


@Red My rights as a gamer are being violated when I get ban for saying edgy stuff in chat >:(

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