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My work hath not yet wetted me
My dessication is more medicinal than dangerous to me
If any of you think exquisite drydickness outweighs easy gameplay
Let them alone, or so many so minded, follow me
And make you a combat mission of me

17-22 inches of snow cool cool cool
cool cool cool cool cool

if you are contextualizing human relationships in terms of market values and optimum efficiency for pleasure you need to be exiled from civilization for a year to get your head back on straight.

Somethingawful: Sever (with dubious validity)

Tumblr: Lemme tell you about relationships! Its hard work! You gotta optimize that investment portfolio and always ensure your shared market value of your partner is synergized. Don't be afraid to find new angles in this dynamic market environment, and always ensure your business partner is burning as much midnight oil as you!

the relationship opinions of tumblr are somehow worse than somethingawful. impressive.

Remember on tumblr all the time people were like "a relationship is HARD WORK" bro just dump your bf and take up carpentry is my suggestion

as unhinged as the relationship advice of "dump him if he gains a little weight because he sees you as not worth effort to keep" is the straight advice of "if you aren't fighting all the time it means the passion is gone" is even worse

yet again americans assume that because we spend so much dipshit money on military gear that it's going to, by definition, be the best out there and everyone must want it super bad

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lolling and lmaoing at the navy crashing an f-35 into the south china sea, racing to recover it because they think china wants it super bad and china is literally like "we do not give a single shit about whatever that trash is"

when i say annihilated i am not joking. the scale of how badly the mongols lost to the red turbans/ming dynasty is for some reason rarely discussed.

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the mongol empire in china was annihilated by medieval tankies lol.

tomorrow i might stream trying to play ksp career mode because i've never gotten far in that but i have had a hankering to play ksp lately lol. if career mode turns out to suck i'll just play sandbox probably

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