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what if i just played some bloodborne

*to the tune of everybody hurts*

eeeeverybody poooops

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We are switching to At&t for internet, love that big telecomm has a stranglehold so our only choices are them or our current Xfinity

descriptions of Islamophobia, family 

descriptions of Islamophobia 

hey this year on 9/11, instead of making jokes about a national tragedy maybe people on mastodon could talk about how there was a sharp uptick in violence against Muslims and anyone who "looked" like they could be Muslim and they still feel the effects of it today

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This is how it looked before I started doing the paint over

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get you an admin who doesnt mind it when u flood the local tl

I lost one of the pods for my vape :(

None of the classes listed in the new BDG video describe my cat, so I’m just gonna say she’s a Merchant. She’s not super spry, she shouts a lot to sell you her wares (her wares being, her, please pay attention to her), and she will stab you with a knife if you try and take her shit.

“If you have bugs in your house and you made a conscious decision to WANT them in your house, they aren’t PESTS... they are PETSS.” Ty Brian David Gilbert

Darling from Control looks like Brian David Gilbert in 10 years

I’m also very interested in ethical pagan practices (vs the white appropriation of everything from Tibetan culture to sage smudging) so HMU if that applies to you as a

My pagan beliefs and practices are heavily informed by my experiences in the Catholic faith before I quit the Church so I have a fondness for angel magic and various “rebel” figures in Catholicism (incl Luce)

I remember a super Christian told me I am watched over by Azrael, “who is like Lucifer but not evil” and I leaned back and squinted so damn hard

Me, quietly keeping my love of Baphomet on the downlow around Christian peers: what is this sexy goat creature you speak of. Satan? Never heard of her

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