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Before you follow: 

Do not interact with me if you're alt-right, zoophile, consume feral nsfw (including pokemon and other 4-legged fantasy creatures), is ddlg/babyfur, consumes nsfw involving underage characters in any way or form.

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(I still haven't set up to move because it's not working right now, need to sleep so I'll do it tomorrow)

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(waiting for the archive export, like I made super important and impactful posts here)

I'm going to be moving followers and stuff for the first time

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*giggles as its shitpost gets made the instance mascot*

oh now that it's been registered i can tell y'all what it is without someone being a weirdo and snagging it first

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here's the thing

i can't afford to pay $50 a month to host this instance

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re: Tea, Earl Grey 

There are many apocryphal accounts of where the infusion of bergamot oil originated, but all of them agree that the recipe was given to the Earls of Grey by someone from China – whether that person was a sailor, servant, visiting diplomat, or just some guy, isn't certain.

The general method of extracting oil from citrus & using it to flavor tea leaves had been well known in China for for over a thousand years, so it would have been fairly straightforward for a Chinese immigrant living in Northern England to adapt the method to the more locally available bergamot oranges, (which are themselves just a hybrid of two bitter citrus fruits native to Southeast Asia).

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Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Take 

Earl Grey tea was originally

Made from tea trees cultivated for the East India Trade Company by indentured laborers in India.
Infused with bergamot essential oil by an unnamed Chinese tea blender – possibly a servant working for the Charles, the 2nd Earl of Grey at Howick Hall.
Sweetened with sugar grown on Amerikan slave plantations.

In conclusion,

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