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My cartoon commissions are open!
For pricing, terms of service and more go to:

:boost_ok: Boosts are super appreciated! :brownbatheart:

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Before you follow: 

Do not interact with me if you're alt-right, zoophile, consume feral nsfw (including pokemon and other 4-legged fantasy creatures), is ddlg/babyfur, consumes nsfw involving underage characters in any way or form.

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I wish tux paint had a way to put hex color code on the color selector that way I could color my OCs more accurately

there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

I didn't see the eclipse because I was sleeping :moon_photo:

pedophilia mention 

they will make conspiracy theories and call jerma a pedophile because she's younger than him. will be ableist towards him and say he's abusive and awful and then proceeds to write smut about him. like they really the worst type of "fans" I've ever seen

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the way you can't go look the jerma985 tag on tumblr without one of the top posts being someone hating on his girlfriend and being weirdly misogynist because he DARED to date someone is wild, especially because it's the same people who have dedicated blogs to post about him and write rpf about him. yes those people exist. not surprise by the way

israel is a white settler colonialist state on stolen palestinian land. fuck israel and fuck fascism

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