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Do not interact with me if you're alt-right, zoophile, consume feral nsfw (including pokemon and other 4-legged fantasy creatures), is ddlg/babyfur, consumes nsfw involving underage characters in any way or form.

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For pricing, terms of service and more:
:boost_ok: Boosts are super appreciated! :heartbat:

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Just stumbled across an website that just looking on the front page it seems just like another personal 2000s inspired blog with all sparkles and stuff then you go to about me and you see "PROUND AMERICAN INFOWARS DOT COM FREE SPEECH BELIEVER"

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Elza Soares is so good ugh I love her voice so much

finally looked at some of that "bara" stuff people were on about, i see the appeal

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Started playing Cookie Clicker today
here's my favorite grandma

Positive daily affirmations 

Death to america

The only time I found a picrew with my hair style it was also colorless and every time I find a picrew with my skin color all the hair options are straight or wavy hair

I know I'm a bat and all but unfortunately I don't like Korbats design that much 😔

The new maraquan jetsam is so beautiful too bad neopets is Like That now

I never played ToonTown properly as child but Nurse Shark I love you

I can never find my Donkey Kong flip flops so I'm using the Naruto one from my brother

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