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hi! if you're new here, i probably don't trust you and won't approve your follow request! please go away

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i have a discord that is for nothing in particular i just figured i'd have one of my own for stream related stuff ig. for anyone whomst wants to join

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cant wait for the usa to try to pull some shit in taiwan and all of our carriers get sunk in the course of a day

@drybonesofficial i want to crawl inside their brains and just watch what goes on in there sometimes

im still pogging about that billionaire getting 13 years in jail for embezzling public funds in China.

kicks a hamster

the warriors code tells me that you must be crushed

i love the concept of Predator. Just a species of alien that basically lands on a planet and challenges them all to PVP

@radicalrobit @drybonesofficial someone whose irl hair doesn't look a texture mapped onto a bald model might sell it better

@drybonesofficial I like how Facebook's grand idea to make their avatars seem more human is to consistently use one of the most inhuman looking motherfuckers to ever exist

everyone: lol metaverse looks like shit

zuck: no no see it's improving

everyone: still looks like shit dude

PREY is tonight's main course for nightcrew movie night

get in my discord at around 8pm est if you wanna watch with us

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