what's that? you said that you wish there were just some way you could make shenzhen i/o circuit schematics in kicad but don't have the symbols for them?

oh, you didn't say that?

well, regardless

i would like to personally apologize to the schematic symbol editor for all the crimes committed to achieve some of these shapes

also this shit makes zero sense from a schematic standpoint because for obvious reasons the wiring doesn't work at all like real life. an LED just needs one connection on either end in order to be lit up

@drybonesofficial you're laughing now but there's a puzzle i had to completely restart because i had a circuit that WORKED, like there was a chip that output the correct values, but because of the grid i just didn't have enough room to connect it to the output

can you model THAT in kicad? :P

@monorail well, kicad does have a pcb editor so you could configure that with a board size/trace thicknesses/only single sided/etc. so that it could simulate the build area haha

and i'd also have to create custom pcb footprints for all the parts too


ok yeah i think even this is too much effort for me lol

@monorail also the design rules checker would flip the hell out if you did any "connecting no-connect pins as a hack"

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