i love how antiunion propaganda always seems to boil down to "you have to pay DUES!! isnt that horrible!!!" and "you cant talk directly to your boss to get things changed anymore!!!! because we all know how open and receptive they are to all of your problems and concerns!!!!"

capitalism: lol improve things somewhat? howre u gonna pay for that lol. lmao

unions: ok we'll take some small dues in order to keep our organization going

capitalism: YOU CANT DO THAT

@drybonesofficial and when I try to explain “yeah they actually negotiate your pay to include the cost of dues on Top of your good wage so it really exists only nominally” they freeze and can’t go further/resort to even more out there irrelevant takes

@drybonesofficial don't you hate the idea of union dues? they're taking your! money! no don't look at how much higher my pay is than yours or how the company posted record profits last quarter or how much better paid union laborers are than you for the exact same work or about their significantly better safety record or

@drybonesofficial or how your benefits are managed by the union instead of a single company so you don't have to start over every time you change jobs and a company going under doesn't wipe out your retirement and definitely definitely don't ask what those union dues are paying for like federally accredited training courses or the business agents who handle all your contract negotiations or the jobsite stewards who keep an eye out for safety and contract violations and and and

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