now i don't have to keep this followers only now that the gift has been received :skellydab: i made a demon core usb lamp and it whips ass

tbc i didn't make the model for this one, it's this but i printed and put it together and stuff

prototype of the version i modeled myself, think it's looking pretty good, some small things to iron out but i'm fairly happy with it. also big chonky switch

i'm debating between keeping the top shell/spacers loose so it can be put together however one feels like it, but i'm also thinking it might be better to glue it all together so it always "looks good" at least as good as it can lol (the core actually kinda looks like shit on the top, 3d printing a hemisphere isn't trivial)

also yeah the top shell looks like dogshit because i forgot to tell it to align the seam along the back, so that's why it has little spotty bits everywhere

poll maybe? assuming you wanted to have a demon core lamp for yourself, would you rather it be

1. glued together, top shell and all, can't be moved and always looks the same

2. top shell and spacer shims left loose so they can be placed however (note, it's kinda easy to knock the top shell/spacers off on accident)

the core of course is always glued in place because there's just the light/electronics inside and there's no point to removing it, it's not a full sphere

and when selling these i guess it's always an option to simply provide a variation people can choose at purchase time, it'd be easy enough for me to print up a few of these and then glue them to order if requested

also just realized there's a lot of light bleed through the spot where the switch goes lol. gotta fix that too

@drybonesofficial still say leaving it wired up so the light could melt down woulda been more realistic ;3

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