@drybonesofficial in tobias' case, it's usually associated with grooming behavior, because he'll do the same thing to spooky -- friendly interaction, rubbing, licking, petting, grooming which then turns into biting. not hard biting, just biting, holding, gripping

it's just that he's got a strong jaw and big ass teeth so it's unpleasant

@extinct ahh yep, i think pierogi does it when he's being playful, usually it's when i start petting him he'll roll around and then go for the monch but yeah, it's just holding and gripping, sometimes he'll get a bit too playful about it and try to bunnykick my arm. sometimes he'll do the monch and lick too

@drybonesofficial yeah, sounds like he just gets too into the interaction, not malicious

@extinct yep! and i don't mind playing around with him like that when he's being bitey, the claws are when i know it's time to stop tho lol

@drybonesofficial i annoyed the shit out tobias this morning cuz he was laying in bed and his paws are ticklish, so i was tickling between the pads and stopping before he could try to swat me, then go back in for more, until he finally rolled over on his back and did the most pathetic whiny meow at kalka as if to say make them stop

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