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suikawari (スイカ割り) is a summertime tradition of hitting watermelons with a stick or pole to crack them open to eat and enjoy.

you may have seen it in a beach episode of your favorite anime.

$40 USD

🍉 Any species! Any outfit!
🍉 Human or anthro OK!
🍉 One character only!
🍉 Background is included

Reference image is REQUIRED; if you want me to design your character, i offer regular commissions for that (+ design fee)

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new ko-fi membership tier is now live!

BASE BOOSTED is an enhanced version of the sketchbook tier, with all the same benefits, plus:

15% discount on commissions
ALL of my customizable bases available for FREE

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Bat vtuber model now available for purchase!

Pay-to-Use ~ only $10

Use it on streams, in videos, in zoom calls, etc

Fully rigged, with physics and toggleable expressions

monthly ko-fi supporters get an automatic 25% discount


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commission status: OPEN

Currently have 4 slot(s) available

info/rates/link to form:

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i'm extinct. :mori: i'm a full-time freelance artist and part-time streamer/vtuber. i draw a wide range of subjects and content, including human, furry, monster and some mech stuff. i offer services ranging from emotes and avatars to reference sheets, vtuber assets/pngtuber models, and more~

i'm generally always open for commission and my queue often has an open slot or two.

it's animated, btw, but the screenshot doesn't capture that

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just saw someone who has a "character" listed on their artfight that's just a vague list of traits that someone else can use to "design an oc" for them

i feel like this is kind of a disgusting way to get a custom character design for free

Dear The Asshole Who Came Up With The Phrase "leave no stone unturned",

I unturned a stone recently, and there were a bunch of disgusting bugs underneath. That was all there was!

You are a real piece of shit.


the euros are on a sick one reporting the anti america posts today. you know you don't have to simp for our government of decrepit shitlords right

i finally have a complete collection of every single neil breen film

"film production"

my man these look like "last known photos"

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watching the Neil Breen Five Feature Film Retrospective

that clocks in at a modest 5 hours and 45 mins

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