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:coffee_mug: $20 USD each
:coffee_mug: Any species
:coffee_mug: Unlimited slots

These are done using a limited palette and as "floating" head shots (no body/neck) to sort of simulate latte foam art

Use the form below to reserve a slot:

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So, my queue is newly empty and that means, unless it's an especially large and complicated project, I can complete commissions in time for Christmas

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☃️ Snowball Fight ❄️
Winter avatars

2 versions to choose from
$25 usd each

Any character
Any species
Clothes and accessories OK
Background included (will not be changed)
Flat color only

Use the form to reserve a slot:

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:tp_c: :tp_o: :tp_m: :tp_m: :tp_i: :tp_s: :tp_s: :tp_i: :tp_o: :tp_n:
:tp_m: :tp_e:

I'll draw (almost) anything!

OCs! Fanart! Furry! Monsters! D&D characters! Pets! Ref sheets! Tattoo designs! Weird ideas you want to see in 2D form! Spicy lewd & other NSFW stuff!

Info + TOS:

Reserve a slot! I take up to 5 at a time~

If full, request to be added to the waitlist!



:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated!

3 eels in a sweater inspired by the ehomaki hidey-tubes the Sendai Aquarium set up for their conger eels

mpreg? sorry i'm not into italian food, i heard of macaroni tho

gonna try to finish FFT chapter 3, or just get obliterated by four-armed ram daddy

gonna try to finish FFT chapter 3, or just get obliterated by four-armed ram daddy

lewd FF7 fanart - nsfw nude pinup 

long overdue pinup of tifa

powerful #nightcrew energy that is beautiful and worrisome

the thing about bloodborne that stands out the most to me is how absolutely filthy everyone/thing is

and how everyone screams all the time, probably from being so nasty all day long

i'm a good poster and y'all should feel blessed that i'm here to post for you

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monster girl pinup

this is argaea; she's a semi-recurring subject of mine that i should give more attention to

cw - nude pinup

decided to open up my lewd art account, although i only post my smutty drawings to it long after they go up on my patreon/exclusive access discord channel


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