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do you enjoy my art? my posts? both?

i have a patreon that you can subscribe to to help support my work! i post stuff up at LEAST once a week! much of the content hits patreon long before it goes public, & some of it is exclusive and can't be found elsewhere! there's even NSFW content at least once a month!

tiers are affordable, ranging from $1 to $3 a month, & that gets you access to all my bases for free, exclusive discord channels, & commission discounts!


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just a general heads up that i've got a number of commissions currently in my queue so for the next couple of weeks, give or take, there might be a delay in my ability to take on more projects until i clear out some of the ones i'm presently working on

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:coffee_mug: $20 USD each
:coffee_mug: Any species
:coffee_mug: Unlimited slots

These are done using a limited palette and as "floating" head shots (no body/neck) to sort of simulate latte foam art

Use the form below to reserve a slot:

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:tp_c: :tp_o: :tp_m: :tp_m: :tp_i: :tp_s: :tp_s: :tp_i: :tp_o: :tp_n:
:tp_m: :tp_e:

I'll draw (almost) anything!

OCs! Fanart! Furry! Monsters! D&D characters! Pets! Ref sheets! Tattoo designs! Weird ideas you want to see in 2D form! Spicy lewd & other NSFW stuff!

Info + TOS:

Reserve a slot! I take up to 5 at a time~

If full, request to be added to the waitlist!



:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated!

Fedi admin is like watching people purposefully fall down the stairs while screaming about how it's your fault the whole time

ok i'm awake despite having gone to sleep way too late so i'm groggy as fuck but i got a package coming today so i gotta be up to intercept it

before anyone asks:

i did not make the model. i'm simply retexturing it

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little hatchling? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Smith College, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on mumsnet, and I have over 300 confirmed cracked eggs.

I am trained in gender warfare and I’m the top stealther in the entire US transfem population. You are nothing to me but just another babytrans. I will cuss you the fuck out with projection the likes of which has never been seen before on this webbed site, mark my fucking words.

it would seem the people have lost their patience with patience

damn... rip, fry's electronics

those stores were hella fun to just wander around even if you didn't buy anything

also that's where i got suikoden II

It’s the last day of black history month!!! If you like the art I make and the kind of stuff I gotta say, consider supporting a black creative on an ongoing basis by subscribing to my patreon or messaging me for a commission 🤍

Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit

the Purim event I went to tonight supports Real Rent Duwamish, who are asking settlers on Duwamish land (Seattle and some of its suburbs) to pay rent to the tribe.

The idea rattled my white-passing privilege hard enough that I thought it was worth passing on to anyone on fedi who has spare money.

don't get me wrong. i'm not against taxes. i'm not some yellow snake flag ancap shithead who thinks taxation is theft

i just know that how the us does taxes is fucked up and most of the time the money isn't put to good use anyhow

also while 15% tax rate might not seem like a lot, when you're someone like me who makes less than 15k a year total, paying out a thousand or more to the IRS when you do your taxes fucking hurts

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speaking of taxes

not looking forward to filing mine

even though i finally got my modest refund from last year, i expect to end up owing at much or more when i finally fire up the tax software and plug in the numbers

self-employed people really get the shit end of the stick while rich fuckers pay virtually nothing

how funny would it be to make flowless a mediator but never have him use any talk skills and instead just shoot everything

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