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- I'm extinct; NB and mixed Japanese-Native American; an illustrator and comic artist.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw smut and fanart now and then.

Usually open for commission.

I run & rep

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:tp_r: :tp_e: :tp_d:
:tp_r: :tp_o: :tp_o: :tp_m:
:tp_d: :tp_i: :tp_s: :tp_c: :tp_o: :tp_r: :tp_d:

had an influx of porn spam bots and had to delete all my invite links, but i'm trying out some fixes to see what works best.

here's a link good for 25 uses if you wanna come chill, talk and maybe post art or something:

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breakdown of my alts:

@extinct - obligatory account, mostly for boosting my art posts from here and accessing the .art local TL

@extinct - K N Z K

@strix - witchy shit, if you're into that. don't chime in to tell me astrology is fake or whatever.

any other alts are prolly just for squatting a name or for fun and not really worth mentioning

ok ty :blobcatcoffee:

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❄️ Winter avatars! ❄️

☃️ Two styles to choose from!
☃️ $20 USD each (paypal)!
☃️ Unlimited slots!
☃️ Anthro and non-anthro OK!

DM, msg on discord/telegram (extinct#1748 or @/stolas) or email

Boosts appreciated! :blobmiou:

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:tp_a: :tp_v: :tp_a: :tp_t: :tp_a: :tp_r: :tp_s:

$20 USD for flat color

$25 USD for shaded

DM me or use my contact page ( and tell me what you're looking for and I'll send you a paypal invoice.

if you can't/don't want to commission me, consider becoming a patron to take a little bit of this capitalist rat-race pressure off me so i can spend more time on art:

Sex work? :valid:

Being trans? Hella :valid:

Being trans and not 'passing?' you know that's :valid: !!

Being NB?? :valid: as fuck!

Being a terf or a swerf??
:8b_f: :8b_u: :8b_c: :8b_k:
:8b_o: :8b_f: :8b_f: :8b_f:

"Its laser time" I say as I go lay down on the bathroom floor.

thinking about my FFT savegame and should prolly plug my tablet in so i can play it

selfagency i know you're reading this. i know you are still on mastodon, hiding. show yourself right now coward

fan emoji of the recent Hbomberguy stream >w<, IDK if I can or how i would distribute them, but I wanted to make something, and I make emoji sooo

Take me down to the mastodon city,
where the bots are mean and the Alf’s got tiddy’s.

Why do I always want to create when I'm at work and cant???? And then u get home and I'm like nah

this is 85% of mastodon content that reaches my dash

instagram DMs are probably the worst system for communication. especially for serious, business-related communication.

i can't imagine how so many people make a living through that platform, good god. :psyduck:

Thinking about doing streams got when I draw NSFW stuff, but I want the streams to be private. Picarto wants me to pay 15/mo for the privilege of private streams. I guess I could use YouTube? Bleh

being a spiteful asshole to human garbage is good. it raised 300k for trans people

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