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Halloween avatars

2 versions to choose from
$25 usd each

Any character
Any species
Costumes and accessories OK
Background included (will not be changed)
Flat color only (simple shading and highlights added at my discretion)

Use the form to reserve a slot:

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new ko-fi membership tier is now live!

BASE BOOSTED is an enhanced version of the sketchbook tier, with all the same benefits, plus:

15% discount on commissions
ALL of my customizable bases available for FREE

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Bat vtuber model now available for purchase!

Pay-to-Use ~ only $10

Use it on streams, in videos, in zoom calls, etc

Fully rigged, with physics and toggleable expressions

monthly ko-fi supporters get an automatic 25% discount


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i'm extinct. :mori: i'm a full-time freelance artist and part-time streamer/vtuber. i draw a wide range of subjects and content, including human, furry, monster and some mech stuff. i offer services ranging from emotes and avatars to reference sheets, vtuber assets/pngtuber models, and more~

i'm generally always open for commission and my queue often has an open slot or two.

smashing a freshly brewed coffee over my head and howling in honour of's first night shift

i changed flowless's password. taking suggestions on how he can obtain it from me

i hope the dankwraith imposter will find peace

ok i added a bunch of people off memory and it's almost bedtime go follow @sunflower

kinda in love with the new instance honestly maybe the mastohost price hike wasn't entirely a bad thing

showin of my sick new instance like one would show off a new car

i like the notes i leave myself on instance suspensions sometimes

racism, but in french

fash, but italian flavored

???: Life is like a complex puzzle, and those who enjoy solving puzzles have fun, and those who stop solving puzzles don't progress and don't have fun.

🐟me: blub blub

hey does anyone have a invite

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