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I'll draw (almost) anything!

OCs! Fanart! Furry! Monsters! D&D characters! Pets! Ref sheets! Tattoo designs! Weird ideas you want to see in 2D form! Spicy lewd & other NSFW stuff!

Info + TOS:

Reserve a slot! I take up to 5 at a time~

If full, request to be added to the waitlist!



:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated!

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since most pride events are probably going to be postponed or canceled this year, it's the perfect time to show even more pride in internet spaces~

:betterpride: 2 styles to choose from: mask or sunglasses!

:betterpride: Any pride flag! Any background color!

:betterpride: Human or Furry, any species!

:betterpride: $25 USD each!

Paypal form:



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what up? i'm extinct. i'm a bat. i'm queer (enby/agender), 30-something, mixed Japanese & Native American. i'm also a communist, and a virgo.

i'm an illustrator & comic artist. i draw creepy, occult, eldritch stuff. i also do some furry, fanart, & lewd sometimes.

i shitpost a lot.

commissions usually open.

i own/run and I rep

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is coming up fast and all of my patrons are invited to offer suggestions for types of marine life they'd like to see done up as merfolk next month 🐟 🐬


Cops can't be even if they're up and about all night

Two eBooks about police violence are currently available for free from their respective publishers:

"Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?" - A book about the history of police violence on PoC in the US.

"The End of Policing" - About why policing is inherently flawed and why reforms don't work.

been hearing about telegram channels being invaded by trolls posting grotesque and sensitive images so i've disabled the old invite link and a new one has been generated.

i'm not posting the new one publicly right now, but if you're interested in joining our chill little chat where we play emoji darts/hoops/dice and have a nice time, ask me and i'll invite you privately.

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more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

Saw this link posted on twitter, here you can donate with one big transaction and split it up among several organizations, including:
-Black Lives Matter Global Network
- National Bail Out
- Know Your Rights Camp
- Black Voters Matter Fund
- NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- The National Police Accountability Project
- Color of Change Education Fund
- Unicorn Riot
- Campaign Zero
- Advancement Project
- The Marshall Project

If you are hand-wringing about how you can personally help: give PoC your money

If you are not physically or mentally able to get out in the streets: give PoC your money

If you get a consistent paycheck and have a comfortable living situation like me: give PoC your money

If all you've done so far is post on social media and argue with your relatives: give PoC your money

Money is material change. Money gets people food and water. Money bails people out of prison. Please give if you're able.

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Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

It's my birthday!

If you wanna help me out for my birthday, donate to one of the various bail funds, or attend a protest if you can. I'm not able to do either, so I would appreciate it.

That said, if you've already done that, I'm still tryin to save up money to go back to school, and I'd appreciate any assistance you can give me.
Cashapp: $shooshy162
Venmo: @shooshy
Thank y'all so much.


please reply with your work and info for commissions/patreon/shop links and i will boost you!

cw abuse 

“Without the police/prisons/carceral justice system what will we do with rapists/abusers/etc.”

Lemme let you in on a secret that’s not a secret. The police literally did nothing about those things in the first place. As a survivor the police just escalated abuse and gaslit me, demonized me, called me a liar. And they did the same to almost every survivor I know when they got involved. A lot of the police are fucking domestic abusers and rapists themselves. Fuck the fucking police

i'm here, i'm queer, my sleep schedule is fucked

Cops can't be even if they're up and about all night

anyone adopting guy fieri as a posting persona on

if not, someone should

duke is on break, now my icon is cial in trans shades by @extinct bc theyre Good

fediblock, it's a long one 

So let's sumarise and Leonie.

* Before koyu space, Leonie was on
I remmeber :codemom: having to deal with Leonie and trying to explain on at least 1 occasion that what was said was racist. So going the education route and been given plenty of chances to do better.

* I called Leonie out on *whine whine* people are just anti german, calling us nazi, they are just cute uwu (after I called out people to block, because nazi friends). We had an argument and that's when I blocked

* Leonie put out some bullshit about parastat on the line "development is limited to trans people" Like OK, that a take, but also she knows me and she has read my bio for sure. Leonie deleted the toot and said "you don't have to worry, it was before i read the project's description
i am learning, still" (wow, that's not a learning in 3 years tho)

* Now koyu space refederated with gab

* and they blocked the instances that are the most/best moderated instance (eg. that do not let bigotry uncheck)

So yeah, you draw what ever conclusion you want.


Quick PSA: please do not post blank images in important hashtags like BLM--either on mastodon or other sites.

Instagram and other sites have been flooded with black square images in those tags, which has made it harder for people to find important info.

PV deals with soooooo much shit, probably the half of which you all don't even know. The fediverse has good people but it also has a MAJOR whiteness problem that makes it incredibly uncomfortable for BIPOC here, & it's not always as outright as someone shouting slurs. There's overt white supremacy but there's also a lot of shit that is deemed socially acceptable that is covert white supremacy. Honestly ya'll are lucky af to be in the presence of BIPOC here

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