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Year of the Tiger avatars~

🐯 $25 each
🐯 Any character/species
🐯 Flat color (possible accent shading)
🐯 Unlimited slots

Reserve slots with this form:

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commission status: FULL

Currently have 0 slot(s) available

DM me if you'd like to be added to my waitlist and contacted once slots open up again

info/rates/link to form:

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i've decided to shut down my patreon

there's a long list of reasons, and i've been considering it for a while due to those, but seeing the CEO be so amped about NFTs was the last straw

i've still got a ko-fi tho, and i've been posting there regularly

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:batbat: BAT BASE PACK :bat_halloween:

:batpog: 4 different kinds of anthro bat for you to customize as you see fit!

:batpog: $10 for the pack, 4 designs included

:batpog: PSD and CLIP files available


getting a different booster than your original vaccine is crossfading dont change my mind

Wordle 224 4/6


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(I'm copy and pasting this from a mad right winger, so you'll have to read it in an exited voice instead of an angry one. Also I can't independently verify whether it's true, but that'd be neat)

The person just appointed Tax Office Director in #Honduras by the new socialist president #XiomaraCastro took part of the burning of the US Embassy in that country three years ago.

International fund to generously pay people who burn down US embassies

British themed parody of wap called wet ass beans

i will not be streaming tomorrow, and probably won't be able to get work done tonight through saturday due to the nor'easter

i'm in the pink zone and once the storm is whipped up in earnest, PC will be off in case we lose power

monads online has been purchased by universal media group and will now be turned into a shrek fan forum

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