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🍬 $25 USD each
🍬 Furry or Human - any species
🍬 Flat Color only
🍬 Includes background (will not be changed)
🍬 3 varieties to choose from - TRICK, TREAT, and PUMPKIN

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commission status: FULL

if you want to be added to my waitlist to get pinged when slots open back up, feel free to DM me

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do you enjoy my art? my posts? both?

i have a patreon that you can subscribe to to help support my work! i post stuff up at LEAST once a week! much of the content hits patreon long before it goes public, & some of it is exclusive and can't be found elsewhere! there's even NSFW content at least once a month!

tiers are affordable, ranging from $1 to $3 a month, & that gets you access to all my bases for free, exclusive discord channels, & commission discounts!


update: back still fucked up, still not sure exactly how i did it

weed, laying down for a couple of hours, occasional stretches/massage, and ibuprofen have helped but not completely cured it

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2021 settin out to make people learn to appreciate the super mario bros movie we got in the 90s

lol at my old phone saying it had 70% battery, then spontaneously shutting off and refusing to power back on until i plugged it in, then saying it had 44% battery

Happy bisexuality awareness day!

visi-BI-lity if you will

they have tried to breeaaaaak yooooooou~

they have triiied to breeeeeeee-eeee-aaaaaaaaaak yoooooooooou~

i once gave myself minor whiplash from headbanging too hard to fear factory

i've secured enough money to cover the base cost of the phone. any additional help will cover the tax (almost $30 by itself) and also go toward buying a case and screen protector (another ~$20 or so)

thank you everyone who has pitched in! i really appreciate it. this is an overdue upgrade for me

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there's a part in a static x song where it's always sounded like he's saying "covered in jello" and even if i read the lyrics it still sounds like this to me

if i am ever in a situation where i have to do teleconference style meetings with people for business purposes i want to do squats through the whole thing not because i'm a fitness buff but just to intimidate

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