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- I'm extinct; NB and mixed Japanese-Native American; an illustrator and comic artist.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw smut and fanart now and then.

Usually open for commission.

I run & rep

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❄️ Winter avatars! ❄️

☃️ Two styles to choose from!
☃️ $20 USD each (paypal)!
☃️ Unlimited slots!
☃️ Anthro and non-anthro OK!

DM, msg on discord/telegram (extinct#1748 or @/stolas) or email

Boosts appreciated! :blobmiou:

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:tp_c: :tp_u: :tp_s: :tp_t: :tp_o: :tp_m:
:tp_a: :tp_v: :tp_a: :tp_t: :tp_a: :tp_r: :tp_s:

$20 USD for flat color

$25 USD for shaded

DM me or use my contact page ( and tell me what you're looking for and I'll send you a paypal invoice.

if you can't/don't want to commission me, consider becoming a patron to take a little bit of this capitalist rat-race pressure off me so i can spend more time on art:

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a post becomes 30% worse if it originates from

when you retire from being away from hitting 420 again and i'll send you an invite to my or make a decision

might fuck around and organize hip-hop concerts with Israeli and Palestinian rappers, with a project called Corner Prophets, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

me: posts some absolutely incomprehensible bullshit
all of you:

i think it's a lil funny that billy corgan has become the american morrissey

Hackers need to step up their game and delete everyones loans, bad credit and mortgages. #Showerthoughts

please don't fuck with me on to Mastodon from a job once for taking "smokos"

@​feminineforms i liked this show when i was trying to hear that cracker bullshit

DR. PHIL: I'm sorry, we'll be able to pop off, who cares

Here's a preview of something I'm working on. Y'all may know I already did a run of pride flag stickers with toony wolves (gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, non binary) but I wanted to do some more.

Left to right, from top to bottom: aromantic, genderqueer, genderfluid, intersex, agender, and asexual.

What do y'all think?

#mastoart #mastodonart

I saw the draw feature so uh enjoy this beautiful art 😂​

the reason you need to CW your nudes and porn isn't because someone might be at work. it's because someone might not want to see nudes or porn.

this message has been brought to you by the association of people in favor of content warnings that actually say what the content is.

first truly recurring character in my comic is a fucking knife

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