the cat from hausu :hausu:

You can call me extinct. I'm an old millenial and an illustrator by trade. I also work in a restaurant by day.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw smut and fanart now and then.

You can peep my portfolio at

I'm working on a webcomic with my partner, @RedCeres


Support my work:

@extinct @RedCeres these are all so unique from one another and so incredibly good! Also, that Final Pam is...exquisite

@ShartGarfunkel @RedCeres ty!! one of things i've always strived to do as an artist is to have a lot of variation in the subjects of my work, but enough of a consistent style to be recognizable between pieces

and i'm glad you feel i've done justice to the pam who death forgot

@ShartGarfunkel @RedCeres it was too powerful to have in the same image as pam herself

@extinct I adore axe lady, that piece is so ludicrous. It's really great and I want her to softly behead me

@extinct also the skeletal raven(?) is really really cool, I'm a big fan!
Your art is good!!!!

@Aleums yeah, that one is called "The Wounded Raven God", from this little jokey ass black metal mythology @RedCeres and i came up with back in the mid-2000s. his consort was a lunar goat goddess or something and it was kinda cool but never developed into anything beyond that

@Aleums she's from the vanillaware game Dragon's Crown. really great character, lots of fun to play and absolutely divine thigh game

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