'nother little resource for learning about indigenous peoples of north america.

most maps that show where indigenous groups lived pre-contact are painfully incomplete, if not inaccurate, but this one is pretty damn good! i've seen few maps which show even one of my tribes, much less both!

@extinct whoa. That’s awesome. Is the overlapping intentional or a gps artifact?

@Excuse_haver i'm not entirely sure. overlap did happen, but i'm not sure to what extent and not sure if this map is going by an averaged historical range or ones specific to a particular period in time, as territory sizes were not static throughout history

I was wishing for history too, but this is an amazing map - and it's disgraceful that I didn't learn it in school.

@extinct wow, that's a lot of tribes and languages in the west coast...

Wow, this is tight! I love that it shows the overlapping and soft borders

@extinct I wish it had an overlay of current "official" geopolitical designations (or a way to enter geo coordinates), so I could see exactly whose territory I'm occupying 😕

@extinct wow, that’s a lot of different cultures and people in just one coastline

@Odi Yup, many of them belonging to distinct language families that were not mutually intelligible, too!

@extinct diverse in language relationship, they are part of their own language families and have no ties with another

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