honestly, y'all are kinda lucky i can't share directly from my ps4 to masto (unless someone figured out a way :blobpeek: ) or there'd be so much screenshot spam

@extinct I mean like, what services does it connect to? Just the big ones?

@jumpSpider fb and twitter, afaik but i don't keep up with console mods and stuff so there could be some hack to make it work with other things

@extinct Ah, fair. I had a hunch you could set up a bot to read from one and post to Masto. Good luck making it work if it's something you want to do!

@extinct i have a twitter account that mirrors to masto so i upload my screenies and it auto posts them here

@BestGirlGrace what i usually do is share them on my psn profile but set it to private and then log onto my psn on my pc and copy them over lol

i might just make a twitter to crosspost them from cuz it's tedious


PS4 👉 Twitter 👉 Moa 👉 Masto

Use a separate 🐥 or moa by hashtag etc

Get spamming

@xurizaemon yeah i've set up a new twitter account and hooked it up to masto crossposter, i just need to link it to my PS4

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