one last time, for clarification, because i'm tired of having to reply to individual comments about it:

boycotting amazon and it's services today is not about hurting their profits or jeff bezos. most people understand that's not really possible with this action.

it's about being in solidarity with amazon workers.

that's just as important.

next person who thinks they need to come explain to me just how deep and far-reaching the tendrils of bezos empire are, i'm gonna block.

i already know, and i did not once indicate i wanted or needed anyone to explain anything to me.

cool, people still coming in from outta nowhere to try to lecture me on this or that.

get outta here

@extinct Condolences on learning about the accursed spammer still being at it.

@extinct My current theory is that his site is designed to deliver malware. Doesn't seem like it'd be worth it for ad revenue or whatever.


@Zero_Democracy wouldn't be surprised, but i also have zero motivation to click unsolicited links and if someone think that sort of site is appealing then they deserve whatever they get

@extinct Hah, yeah, a fucking link shortener in 2019? May as well go around licking the insides of strange toilet bowls.

@Zero_Democracy @extinct for he uses link shorteners because everyone filtered his domain name

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