@Ventronik yes, but i do have a queue active right now so there might be a delay of a couple of weeks before i can actually get to it, not sure if that's a dealbreaker or not

Not really. What do you need to determine price? I'd like something similar to the cat face. But an owl head with antlers.

@Ventronik here's my most common offerings and their base prices.

if you're looking for something more like a tattoo flash, i'll need the approximate size you want and to know if you want it just as linework, shaded, colored, etc to determine a quote

Not a tattoo. I will use it as my avatar, crediting you. Replacing my current dapper image.

@Ventronik ah, yeah. avs are $25 for flat color. $30 if you want shading

Cool, I'll get you half payment soon (I prefer not to do it on mobile)

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