Skomori (aka Skona to her family and friends) is my oldest and got grandfathered into my comic.

She's a Rahndil (my race of batpeople), a MILF, and the ashturner of her clan: a sort of shaman. an incident occurs that strips her of her abilities before the start of the comic.

She's married to Heido, has two kids with him: Akra & Avamo. she and her brother, Vodra, have a strained relationship with their father, Bitabu, who sits on the council of their community.


did i mention skona is thicc af?

cw: drawn non-lewd nude - not explicit


in Rahndil societies, reverence and worship of the dead is a common practice. ashturners cultivate a relationship with the deceased by conducting funerary rites, tending to bodies, performing cremations and caring for the ashes of the dead.

through this communion, they are able to become a living conduit through which the power, wisdom and strength of fallen kin and heroes is channeled from beyond.

tattoos are applied ritualistically and only appear when channeling.

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