@Red lol no, it's a full expansion and priced as such

i just preordered it back when they made the option available

@extinct Angery but not surprised.

How much content has it added?

@Red an entirely new landmass, including a town and a new room you can customize

an entirely new rank (master rank, the equivalent of G or or ultimate installments of previous monhun titles), including new quests, investigations, nodes, weapon tree branches, armor tiers and decorations

new combos for all the existing weapons

new clutch claw functionality

at least 18 new monsters, some subspecies of ones in MHW, some returning from prev games, some entirely new

@extinct oh shit okay, i thought it was like just a new area and 4-5 new monsters. That's pretty cool

@Red yeah, like i said, it's a full on expansion pack

@witchfynder_finder considering my room in MHW lacks an obvious bathroom, i suppose you could say that

@extinct hmm

I'm not sure if I would want to say that, given this new information....

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