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the name "red room" derives from both the infamous space within the black lodge of Twin Peaks :twinpeaks: , as well as an organization that features heavily in my own comic, An Ember Turned Flame :aetf:

the instance does not maintain an official theme, and users don't have to be fans of or even know about either of the inspirations for the name

(the L in .ml is silent, i just didn't want to pay $20/yr to register a .me domain)


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as red room is run by 3 queer leftists, two of which are mixed-race PoCs, our instance tends to have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia, patriarchal bullshit, "free speech" & other alt-right/fascist nonsense, abusers, gab forks, & those who post sensitive content without CW.

these things are not allowed on our instance, and we readily block instances that are lenient toward these things.

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:discord: DISCORD :discord:

we have a discord channel on my personal server. the invite link is available to users upon request

:30000bells: SUPPORT :30000bells:

there's no obligation to contribute money to the instance. i fully fund the hosting out of pocket and am happy to do so.

if someone does want to pitch in a little bit toward the costs of maintaining the instance, that can be done via ko-fi:

:kofi: ko-fi.com/redroom :kofi:

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Red Room

R E D R O O M is a small, private instance geared toward goth weirdoes, artists and creatives, run by a queer PoC. Unofficial home of nightcrew, a roost for the bats of the fediverse.


Better red than dead.