@extinct @plaguedaemon hey, related to nothing, I maybe would like someone to draw a no-BG 3-panel comic for money.

bat-related, flats/lineart, technically SFW but kink-relevant, involves four total drawn figures and no props. would either of you be interested?

@plaguedaemon cool! i'll mark that down as "not the unconditional 'no' I was expecting!" but i'm not surprised you're busy

@bat i'm interested. are the figures full-body, or cropped (like from the waist-up, chest-up, etc)?

@extinct i'm leaning full-body figures! think of this more as an infographic, but preferably with pretty tidy character art.

basically, I do hypnosis stuff on FA, so I'd like an infographic that conveys "you should come talk to me, and then I will hypnotize <you/your character/...>, and then here's hypnotized <you/your character ...> really enjoying that!"

i have an idea blocked out which I can go into more detail about, but I can offer freedom if you're inspired by what I gave you

@bat ok, i'm getting a good idea of what it involves. how many distinct characters are there?

@extinct two:

- extremely vague standin for <other person>; similar to a YCH ghost
- my character

i am assuming you are actually a pro at drawing microbats, but ordinarily i would include microbat caution at this stage of my idea description

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