i'm honestly surprised jake parker didn't try to pull this sooner. he's always been kind of acting like he owns the whole thing just because he came up with the initial name for it and prompts so it's been on the horizon for a while

doesn't make it any less shitty and even jake's sudden attempt at damage control due to the backlash he apparently did not expect, he still tried to claim an art movement to profit off of so fuck him

like, in his little blog post, he tries to make it seem like the trademarking of inktober was to thwart "outsider non-artists who were trying to make a quick buck off of it" but like... so he's fighting that by punishing the artists who participate and might want to sell their own work done for the challenge to make a quick buck for himself

alright, so... you're just a shithead with extra steps

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just a little word of advice: whenever someone claims to be trying to "preserve the integrity" of a creative endeavor, it usually means they're doing something incredibly self-serving, if not just plain exploitative or bad

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that said, y'all should know by now that i am absolutely 100% for artists getting recognition and paid for the work they do.

however, if you create something intangible like an art challenge, and release it out into the wild for others to join in... you can't really own that anymore, you can only take credit for starting it.

you gotta let it go, it's become its own thing, bigger than you, bigger than anyone. it's part of the community.

retroactive gatekeeping (esp for profit) is shitty

@extinct plus i saw on twitter that he didn't even actually start it anyway? such a dickhead

@seafrog yeah, the origins are murky, but he was sure three first to capitalize on it so this new move was telegraphed long ago

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