i find it a little troubling the last decade and a half of social media has caused artists, especially younger artists, to forget about the existence of and importance of having a dedicated portfolio. ideally a site you run yourself that isn't attached to a social platform like fb, twitter, insta, etc

make a site. use a template. but have your stuff front and center without any of the other garbage or algorithm!

i realize, yeah, making and maintaining a site is just one more thing on the pile of shit you gotta do, but it's arguably the most important thing if you're a creative and want to be seen.

you can learn HTML/CSS and maybe PHP if you're fancy and make it from scratch, or you can use wix or wordpress or even carrd

just make a portfolio and add any important info (commissions, TOS, mission statement) and send people there FIRST. your socials should be little snapshots of what you're up to at best

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like i'm no expert on this. i'm small-potatoes and i'm the first to admit that, but i've been doing art professionally for 20 years so i've seen a lot and learned a lot

the reason i don't bother with dedicated art-only accounts is because i have a portfolio. i put my best stuff up there along with any info i think is most important for visitors. they can see what i do and what i'm about and if they're interested they can follow my socials and see the other bullshit i waste my time on

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@extinct this has been the best idea ive done, because i have not and do not trust any of these sites with my artwork
plus the little free site i have lets me turn off being able to save anything of mine, which has been nice.

@extinct Yeah, it's an extremely worrisome thought that there is starting to emerge an entire generation of artists whose work exists solely on platforms they don't control.

@extinct I’ve been trying to help out with this!

I’ve started a project called Sunday Papers, to help artists quickly build their own site, which they own 100%

I’m always happy to answer questions, or help someone get started using it!

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