ugh i hate having to get on the phone to negotiate how much i have to give comcast each month

but i got my bill down from 108 to 78 so it worked out

@pagrus it is. and comcast is the only deal in town, so it's not like i can go anywhere else. hell, the ol' lightly threaten to cancel your service technique is even shaky considering there's just... nowhere else to go. we don't get fios, no google fiber, no competing cable companies.

@extinct That's terrible. San Francisco doesn't have a ton of options (originally wrote "potions" there, was tempted to leave it) but at least threatening to quit has some teeth.

The ISP I work for is considered "fixed wireless", is there no one doing that where you are?

@pagrus i haven't really spent a lot of time looking into it, but as far as i can tell there's really nothing else aside from using your mobile service as a wifi hotspot for your home in this section of MA. we're not especially close to any major cities so that's probably why

@extinct Ah I see. Sorry, I wish I had something more helpful to suggest but I am still learning about all this stuff

@pagrus i should probably take some time to explore all the options, but i'm also less motivated to do that than just complain about having to call comcast up every 1-2 years and ask for options that make my bill lower lol

@extinct Sure I totally get it. If you're looking around though, search terms would be stuff like WISP or "fixed wireless". I think a lot of times it doesn't come up in searches unless you look for it specifically. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Comcast manipulating search results either

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