@extinct is this the proposed solution to men's absolute refusal to carry purses.

@richie that or just a way to get use out of the seat of people no no ass's jeans

@extinct well they don't need any extra addition to their jeans then tho. they can just shove their belongings right into the back of their pants where their lack of ass leaves room.

@richie they need extra surge-holding capacity

y'know in case they need to race a bunch of other hip young people across an alleyway obstacle course of old couches or something

@extinct I'm amazed at how accurately I'm heading the Home Improvement "bwu-UH?" sound in my head as I'm looking at this.

@extinct Wow, it really is more of an "Aouugghh-EEEHH!" In that case, points to my faulty memory for so convincingly jamming a "b" in there.

@extinct perfect if you want a laptop to be able to fall out of your butt

and who doesn't want that

@extinct and where, perhance, might a humble goblin aquire such a garb of holding?

@extinct jumbag

jeans bumbag

also known in the us as a jannypack

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