Etsy ad PSA 

saw this going around on twitter and it aligns with what i've heard from a few friends who do or used to sell via etsy

Etsy ad PSA 

@extinct uggggghh etsy is the worst i need a new shop lol

Etsy ad PSA 

@webweaver they really love to push the envelop of being awful

Etsy ad PSA 

@extinct "Why does everyone use adblockers? It's practically stealing from our website! Disable your adblocker to use our site you thieves!"

Crap like this is why. Ads are a plague. Not even getting into how much more susceptible you become to viruses without an adblocker.

re: Etsy ad PSA 

@extinct impressive

capitalism has discovered a way to make literally everyone involved in a sale unhappy

@extinct occasionally clearing cookies should probably work to reduce this as well.

Etsy ad PSA 

Transcript, 1 of 3:

Title: Etsy is somehow being even worse, do not click etsy ads

Etsy is now forcing shop owners to be part of their ads.
We can not opt out.

To anyone who buys from Etsy: DO NOT EVER CLICK THEIR ADS.

They are rolling out a program where if you get a sale from an ad they put out, they're taking 12-15% of the profit (probably on top of the like, 5%ish+ they already take).

Etsy ad PSA 

Transcript, 2 of 3:

Even worse, if you have clicked on an Etsy ad in the last 30 days ANYONE YOU BUY FROM ON ETSY IN THAT PERIOD WILL BE CHARGED THAT FEE.

So please, if you see an ad for something you like off etsy, do not click it. Just go on etsy and search for it.

This is somehow worse than what storenvy used to pull.

Please go directly through an artist or see if they have their own storefront (I use bigcartel) instead of purchasing off etsy.

Etsy ad PSA 

Transcript, 3 of 3:

And if you must, just please, please, never click an etsy ad.

Source: plushymahem @ tumblr, Feb. 26th, 2020

#etsy #shopping #crafts #art #ads #capitalism

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