i'm a full-time freelance artist. i need to maintain my income from art, since picking up a side job right now isn't really a good idea

i'm OPEN for commission and will draw (almost) anything, including adult content

and if you're not interested in a commission, or can't afford one and would like to help support an artist, here's my patreon, where i post a LOT, before i post publicly, and many exclusive works

i also sell things

i have a redbubble shop with all sorts of merch with my artwork on it, from stickers to mugs, to shirts, and home decor

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i don't like to take money for nothing, but if you enjoy my posting and just wanna toss a tip my way in appreciation, i also have a ko-fi :kofi:

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@wolfpede @extinct well yeah because you know what is good. I mean you’re more a cutie but it is already in red bubble

@wolfpede oh yeah, my corgipedes. that's one of my more popular designs

@extinct ahhh ok i gotta buy that mothman on the power lines shirt ASAP

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