bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day

Oh hey, this did some numbers lol

Check out my... actually check out your favorite music artists bandcamp on Friday

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@extinct Got plenty of stuff on my wishlist, now seems like the perfect time.

Now where are my good friends Etsy following suit with waiving listing fees and revenue shares?


So today I spent $75 there buying up a bunch of 90s industrial music I'd been meaning to get. I wish I'd known about this sooner--I'd have put it off.

But anyway, failing that, Death and Horror, Inc. is awesome and you can get their entire discography for CAD$25.00.

@extinct cool! I think I'm missing at least two of the @powderpaint releases so will try and get them on Friday...

@shonalika @envgen

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