to those who lack the energy , are afraid of conflict, or otherwise don't feel up to speaking up when fucked up shit happens


it's the least you can do. you don't get directly involved, but you bring the issue to attention. make sure you send the report to the instance the bad posts/person are on as well

it takes like a minute at most to do

@extinct hell yes !! as someone whose always struggled with conflict & having the outcome go in my favor against some (white liberal) asshole after a lifetime of always having my concerns dismissed i do have some sense of trust w/ the fedi's reporting features hoping shit actually gets done & an instance gets blocked unlike reporting on twitter. being able to describe the exact issue instead of having to answer a multiple-choice question & a mod actually sees it already boosts confidence

@extinct and DONT forget to forward the report to the instance the user is on

@extinct alright also just now ive realised this site is similar to twitter but you cant view comments when clicking post but you needs to do something so im dumb 😂

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