fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving

@RobertG @extinct Well, there’s over 12 million Native peoples and untold descendants who never came to be in what is now called the “United States” who can’t say “fuck you and fuck thankstaking”. Be glad you’re behind the safety of your screen, honky.

@RobertG @extinct

it takes zero effort for you to simply not let this shit ooze out of your mouth

@RobertG @extinct
On behalf of all white people, please, I beseech you to shut the fuck up

@RobertG i'm native american. fuck thanksgiving, and especially fuck you.

@RobertG are you thankful you're still here to get dragged to shit for stepping out of your lane, robby?

@RobertG @extinct There’s probably like 30 people on this website who aren’t logged on right now to tell you to go fuck yourself. I feel way worse for them

@RobertG full offense, shut the fuck up for the rest of your life and choke

@RobertG @extinct *narrating mastodon* that's a bold move cotton, let's see if it pays off

@RobertG @extinct i’ll just have to say it 260,001 times as much to pick up the slack, thanks for the tip

@RobertG @extinct

mm lets talk about the millions more that cant cause fuckers like you...did you suck trumps dick too

@RobertG @extinct spell correctly and not be full of shit. thats what ill do. also extinct... not a he, they, learn to do something simple like read a pronoun. you dont offer a basic simple respect. you are just reaching to try and leverage your full of shit self...feel better yet?

@RobertG @Drako_Fenris lol like I give a crumb of a shit about your unsubstantiated claims of white guilt charity, honky

no one forced you to step into my replies uninvited, you don't get to act sanctimonious about talking down to an indigenous person when you're living on stolen land and benefiting from our exploitation and slaughter

Land back, settler scum, and it isn't a metaphor. Tossing change to a charity to make you feel good doesn't count

Get fucked, cracker

@extinct @Drako_Fenris oh never mind @RobertG is completely uninterested in learning a single fucking thing, he is too busy with being civil

@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct imagine coming back to this thread and thinking you can make yourself look good

@robotcarsley @RobertG it's like watching someone step on a rake, blink, look right at it, and then jam their foot down on it again

@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct hey rodney when dozens of strangers line up to call you names and tell you to go fuck yourself for 12 straight hours, this, to a normal person, would be a sign to bail out. but i guess when you bought your free pass for genocide apologia you also had your ability to read a room surgically removed

@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct hey pal, you should stop involving us in your "public shaming for being racist" kink. you gotta get consent for that first.

@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct taking all that white cishet-gained largese you’re “donating” ain’t gonna save you from your racism or your gestures of sanctimony,

keep digging that grave of yours but please do it in silence, honky

@RobertG hi bob, just chiming in to say that everyone on earth would be better off if you cut your own internet line with hedge trimmers and never posted again

ok @RobertG i know you are getting kind of dunked on and have probably muted this, but are you interested in knowing where you went wrong? as like a teachable moment

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