imagine being such a little shitbrain you tell an indigenous person to "be thankful" they're still here when they express disdain for a holiday that emerged from a literal act of cold-blooded genocide of their indigenous cousins and set the tone for the treatment of all indigenous americans because there's people who can't celebrate thanksgiving due to having died from covid

like... not even close to comparable. quite literally fuck yourself into the sun

yeah i'm sure thankful i'm still here because my direct ancestors were lucky enough to not get hunted down by settlers in california when the state was paying out bounties for our heads and scalps, or from the smallpox that the filthy settlers brought with them

far more of my people were massacred because invading fuckers wanted our land and resources than the total of people who've died from covid

you can take actions to avoid covid. my people couldn't avoid systemic slaughter

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anyhow, feel free to dunk on this wet fart who thought it was a good idea to stroll up and finger wag at me for not appreciating my ability to say fuck thanksgiving

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Estimates go as high as an 80% population loss from colonization. How can anyone be thankful for that much death?

@supercritical the people whose very existence benefits from that death are thankful for it, and those are the ones who take issue with anyone criticizing their beloved gluttony day tradition

@extinct that is such a spectacularly sickening take of them seeing as the death tolls are disproportionately higher in US Indigenous reservations and communities??? Like covid and settler colonialism are NOT separate issues

@hammerhead yeaaaaah

fortunately this guy is not coming out of this one unscathed lol

@extinct i just logged on, who said this im going to beat them in the face and ass

@photophoregirl yet another esteemed and premier poster from luxury instance

@extinct Oh /that/'s what they meant, seriously?

/Wow/. Fuck them.

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