lol if you think that either wanting nsfw artwork to be cw'd or silencing accounts that post it without cw are censorship


if anyone believes either of these things:

for one, it's not censorship. nothing about either of those actions stops someone from expressing themself on this platform or any other. especially if the person posting the content isn't on my instance; i don't have that kind of power

two: there's a healthy helping of reasons why untagged, un-cw'd lewd art popping up on someone's feed is a bad thing. it can get people in trouble at work, at home, at school. there could be minors browsing the TL

someone browsing could have a sensitivity to nudity or adult situations, because of trauma, dysphoria, or other personal circumstances

it's deeply insensitive. a cw doesn't hide the art. people who want to see it can click it and see it.

it costs zero dollars to be considerate of others.

drawn tiddies are not more important than your fellow fedi users

@extinct emphatically agreeing with all of this

and i'd also like to add: hey, it's not just nudity. i've seen way too many people #onhere playing a game that i can only describe as Extreme Terminal DeviantArt Kinkster. "but there's no nudity! all bits are covered! it's not REALLY not safe for work!"

yeah but if it's still obviously and blatantly fetish art, cw! that! shit!

the little game of "ohhh i'm technically in the ruuuules but i'm going to push that boundary and ignore the fact that others need to consent to be part of my kiiiink" is not cute, not funny, not a good look, and it is, in fact, creeper behavior that should be put in the ground, and i will fight those who disagree.

because what's a kink to you may be a trigger to someone else.

in fact, it probably is a trigger. (this is where i stare directly into the camera, glaring at anyone who has posted un-cw'd inflation art with such fury that they log off and go cry.)

and this duplicitous little game ain't acceptable. consent is not something you can pull a fun end run around. it is not something that you should delight in trying to rules lawyer. it is not up for discussion, it is not up for playing devil's advocate against. it is necessary and it is absolute. anything less means that you are a danger to the community around you.

so, y'know. don't do that shit also

@extinct omg remembering that I followed exactly one friend on tumblr who'd post porn and only on Friday nights and somehow I ended up scrolling back that far in a Monday night class and luckily it was grad school and I was near the back row and nobody reported me but that could've gotten me in a lot of trouble.

@platypus i'm never more thankful for the CW function of fediverse softwares than when i'm on twitter and someone i follow who doesn't normally post nsfw themself RTs or likes some smut and i have to see it without warning

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