I'm sorry to say we are no longer federating with due to their stance on porn of underage characters. They also denied that a user posted Nazi symbolism that one of our users reported but has since been deleted.

I'm sorry if you had peers or friends there, but in my mind this is for the safety of the whole userbase.

We have young users here and I do not need justifications of sexualizing minors on your art site. So, au revoir.

If you're curious about the specific stance of's, they claim to disallow it but justified content I pointed out of a 12 year old Pokemon character in a sex act. This is toxic and dangerous.


@whalefall any chance i can get a link or screenshot of the justification? for receipt purposes

@extinct we defederated so I no longer have access through my notifs unfortunately. But I can explain what happened in detail if needed.

@whalefall do you remember the @ of the person who justified allowing the art? i'm cool with doing some digging

@extinct @whalefall I would also like to see receipts if possible, before I defederate our instance from theirs.

@dumpsterqueer @extinct I don't have receipts for the DMs because we defederated before I saved it. I can only direct you to the account that was originally reported which still has some of the offending images up.

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