remembered that i got a copyright ding over big tiddy alf and lmfaoing alone in my house

what if i got arrested for big tiddy alf

that would suck but also be hilarious

extinct, what do you do when you're at home by yourself for an evening?

sit in my little workspace corner with candles and incense lit, hitting my pipe, drinking coffee, sketching smut and thinking about my art crimes while i giggle to myself

the only reason i'm posting so much tonight is because i'm home alone and don't have anyone around to distract me or talk to

u welcom

@AshBunny it isn't, especially since the IP is pretty dead from a marketing standpoint

the serious explanation boils down to:
to maintain a copyright, you are legally required to aggressively defend that copyright (taking down infringement, no matter how minor)

that said, i think they're planning a reboot and are preparing for the marketing push by jumping to defend their claim to the copyright by dinging people

@avie absolutely, and i'll keep drawing alf with big tiddy

call the cops i don't give a fuck

@extinct it's the Alf this world needs right now goddammit

@extinct do you think you could get a lawyer to say "big tiddy alf" in a court of law

@extinct "Prosecution, why is this bat in my courtroom?"

"They drew ALF with big tiddies, your honour, look"

@toydragon *this is being broadcast on CSPAN or something because it's such a huge crime and the camera cuts to me in the defendant's seat when this is said*

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