NFT sucks, it's bad for the environment, it's bad for creator's rights (which honestly have it rough enough as it is) and it encourages even more predatory funny money bullshit in the "art world" which mostly just means ninnies with too much money trading mainstream art to show off to one another how rich they are

and for anyone who might wanna say "just mint NFT on your own work and profit from it"

it's still environmentally bad, and minting NFT costs money to begin with

fuck NFT

for the amounts of money people are dropping on digital pieces just so they can wave around some e-certificate saying they have the "original", they could literally just keep several artists on full-time pay and get original pieces done for them whenever they want, and not do nearly as much damage to the environment in the process

how novel!

yeah i'm kinda upset about the NFT thing.

especially when i see people on twitter tokenizing art tweets without even asking the OP and profiting off of them while other artists, and myself, grind on commissions and practically beg people to pledge to our patreons or subscribe to our twitch channels so we can get incredibly modest payouts to try and cover our basic living expenses

i don't care for crypto in general. if you're into it, that's your prerogative but most of the time any time i see someone even mention it without mocking it they're acting like they've achieved some new level of human evolution for having monopoly e-bucks and now there's this shit basically targeting my peers, my community, and my livelihood and it sucks.

it makes me angry, it makes me sad, it makes me scared

i'm not interested in reading anyone's takes on how NFTs would be good in an ideal use situation

the way the world works is not ideal, it never will be so long as capitalism infects every level of human interaction and causes primary motivations to be to exploit everything and everyone to turn a personal profit

nevermind the environmental impacts of blockchain and crypto shit

and if you're gonna call the environmental impacts of crypto a meme, please unfollow me

or better yet block me

@extinct calling crypto-critcal stances a meme? I don't have the patience for that :gatopensa:

@extinct Yeah, I really dislike NFT tokenizing of content. It's dumb and exploitive, especially when they just carelessly tokenize pre-licenced stuff (like CC0 pieces) and then just 'claim' it and then trade with it like trading cards, as a content creator myself, I would be a bit pissy at the person doing that to my stuff (which, luckly hasn't happened)

@mel yeah, and i'm not trying to fear monger like this is gonna hit each and every one of us and destroy our abilities to create or make a living off of our creations. there are barriers to it, such as the fact that minting, bidding, canceling bids, transferring, accepting bids, etc, all cost money so that's gonna deter all but a small chunk of people from engaging in it much if at all

but the ones who are into it and willing to invest the "gas" are usually the most predatory

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