commissions are semi-open again now that i've finally gotten through a big stack of big projects

basically what semi-open means is that you need to contact me directly about the project so i can evaluate if i'm able to take it on immediately or not based on what else i have on the table

smaller things, such as emotes, avatars, and such, i can do pretty quickly and tend not to get bogged down by so i'll readily be accepting those

stuff like full body illustrations, ref sheets, and PNGtuber/streambuddy avatars are projects i'll need to think about before i say yes to because they require a lot more time, not just drawing, but also communicating and revising

@extinct I admit I was considering you in particular for PNGtuber stuff, but I very much understand that being a big project!

@monsterblue depending on how intricate you're going for it can be a quick thing (like if it's just the idle pose and then like changing the angle of the head/opening the mouth, changing the direction of the eyes), or more involved if it's something requiring an entirely different position/angle/expression

@extinct I tried to send a DM but am currently assuming some weird fedi back-end process thing sent it to the void, any other way of contacting directly?

@HarneyB i got the DM, i was just busy yesterday evening and hadn't had a chance to reply yet. i'll get back to you in earnest after my stream today

@extinct Oh thank you! Was needlessly riling myself up if true, apologies for the impatience.
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