gentle reminder in light of onlyfans news that a lot of folks will probably migrate to subscribestar, which is a subscription site like patreon that allows adult content... as well as nazis

so probably don't spend your money there


it's also worth noting that the reason this kind of shit keeps happening is that payment processors such as paypal and major credit card companies are very very very rabidly anti-adult/NSFW/pornographic content and sex work in general

as platforms grow and become prominent, processors crack down on them to sterilize the content they do business with, or they'll pull out of the agreement

so this is not the first, nor will it be the last, platform that goes this way

you might say "but how will they make money without the content creators?"


there's this little thing where they court investors, who forward them shitloads of money to expand the platform, and ultimately collect any profit they can either through subscriptions or ad revenue

investors and venture capital are what these platforms ultimately want to rope in, they don't actually care that much about the individual creators after passing a certain level of prominence

once they secure millions in investor funds and grow the platform enough so that it can be valued at a certain amount, they'll begin looking for someone to buy it off of them for at least the amount it's assessed to be worth, if not more

if they can manage to sell it off at a tidy profit, that's where they stop caring about it at all. it becomes someone else's problem, and will either change hands again, or slowly die

this is the cycle of online enterprises and sites

this is why you see sites get sold off over and over again until they wither away in obscurity

people repeatedly balk at this cycle and vocally wonder how these big corporate run sites can pull this shit on their users

the answer is always that they've never cared about their users

they never will

@kat yup

that's how the game is played

it's literally never about the individuals whose presence/labor gets the thing off the ground, it's only about getting the biggest possible number out of it and cashing out

@extinct seeing this process writ small in mastodons incorporation and appification and eugens throwaway line about egirls

@PhoebeWallerPalladino yup

courting investors means you have to have a bland presence for them to see as a blank slate to cultivate for the sake of market share and profitability

@extinct bryce youngquist has a bright future as the face of the fediverse

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