my old ass htc one is barely holding charge for more than 6 hours of light use and has weird freezes and crashes more and more often, so i really need to replace it.

my phone carrier doesn't do contracts, so i don't get subsidized prices or free upgrades

shopping for some mid-tier phones (~$400-$500), but even those are a lot of money to drop all at once for me

any little bit helps

phone gripe 

phone died within 4 hours coming off of a full overnight charge yesterday. all i did with it yesterday was use google authenticator ONCE and it was idle with the screen off the rest of the time :angry_laugh:

weirdly, today it's doing a little better but i can't rely on it to perform consistently anymore and it sucks

i've secured enough money to cover the base cost of the phone. any additional help will cover the tax (almost $30 by itself) and also go toward buying a case and screen protector (another ~$20 or so)

thank you everyone who has pitched in! i really appreciate it. this is an overdue upgrade for me

unsolicited recommendation 

@extinct I have had a lot of success shopping eBay for phones - richies will put their slightly used ones up for sale after they buy the new hotness. or you can do refurbs from the retailers also, I'm posting from a refurb right now.
good luck!

@extinct if you're willing to switch to iOS, I have a spare iPhone 4 that is still pretty good and I will mail it to you for free. 💜

phone rec 

@extinct a pixel 4a brand new is $350-$450 and is also unlocked so maybe you can find one refurbed for cheaper?

i hope you can get a new one!!

phone rec 

@scoots ya i'm mostly aiming for new so i can get full warranty shit and there's no unknowns about what the phone has been through, refurbs are a plan B

currently looking at like the galaxy A42 and A52, i'll have to see if the pixel 4a is compatible with my carrier

phone rec 

@extinct pixel works with all major carriers and a bunch of prepaids like mint and cricket so there's a chance

i think the base model starts at $349.99. google's shop is out of stock but if you buy it brand new from any retailer and you have problems you can still RMA it with them

i had to do that with some pixel buds i got from kohls

phone rec 

@scoots ooooh~

that's definitely on my list then. i'm mostly eyeing the galaxies because they have 5000 mAh batteries and battery life has been a constant struggle for me with phones

phone rec 

@extinct idk about the galaxy A's but i have one of the S's from *years* ago, like i got it 4 years ago? and it's still going pretty strong... like the battery is only just starting to get a bit shit but if i charge it every night while i sleep its fine

so galaxy phones are usually a pretty safe bet, though i might switch over to pixel once my s8 shits the bed cause they are cheaper and unlocked

phone rec 

@scoots @extinct +1 recommendation from me for the pixel #a phones

the modern phone market is pretty messed up and those phones seem to me like the only ones with a decent price/specs/support balance

I love my pixel 3a and I'll be sad when the battery gets too toasted to get me through a work day

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