🍬 $25 USD each
🍬 Furry or Human - any species
🍬 Flat Color only
🍬 Includes background (will not be changed)
🍬 3 varieties to choose from - TRICK, TREAT, and PUMPKIN

Β· Β· 1 Β· 11 Β· 8

@extinct I wanted to do something like this and am just currently made of derp and caffeine and nothing else. I love your spooky background! 🀩

@inkshark aw, thank you! ychs can be tricky to get going unless you just have a really conveniently perfect idea fully formed, so i totally understand that mood

@extinct Well, i hope the commissioners are okay with you posting them when you finish :artblackcat: πŸŽƒ

@inkshark i always post YCHs once they're done. i reserve the right to post all commissioned artwork by default

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