people who tremble and stammer at the idea of land back being literal need to get over it

no one asked us how we felt when we were scammed out of our ancestral homelands, herded into unfamiliar territory, forced to live with strangers and enemies on land that couldn't support us, or slaughtered, raped, and exploited in the name of manifest destiny

why should we care how the descendants of colonizers feel about our land and the inconvenience to them of giving it back

no time for white tears


there was a time when peaceful, mutually agreed upon rules for coexistence and cohabitation were on the table

we were there for it, we showed up, we discussed, we listened, we were willing to make room and cooperate

and those treaties were ignored, or just straight up violated and shit on for the sake of white comfort and progress

our only mistake was bothering to listen and trust white tongues in the first place

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