until DALL-E can faithfully generate niche fursonas doing questionable things in highly specific ways i'm not terribly worried about my job

real talk: "art" AI produces mass-produced publication style images which is what i'm mostly sure is the goal. so you might see the flat and lifeless stock painting at the top of a NYT article become AI generated more often but for custom artwork that needs to be done with clearly defined specifics, AI isn't going to become much of a threat to artists

also, the reason these AI art bots produce digital painting style images is because it's much easier to smoosh data together and dither out the borders of elements to create that soft brush look than to produce illustrations with bold and well defined lineart

so, you won't see much comic or manga-esque stuff coming out of AI artbots. and if you do, it's gonna look hella wonky

case in point: the smoother, more painterly images are more convicing and passable as art

the ones with defined lineart? kinda fucked up

anyhow, the day AI art bots start creating work with bold lineart of varied weight that's convincingly dynamic and synergistic with the subject and overall composition of the piece, you'll find me doing a butlerian jihad

tech weirdos will literally invest lots of time, money, and energy into making robots to crap out mediocre digital paintings instead of just paying artists to create things

while i don't feel immediately threatened by tech dipshits trying to prove that a computer can compete with human artists who spend years, decades, and tons of energy and money developing their skill and craft, it does piss me off to no end

just the next phase in the ongoing habit of people and societies to exploit artists until they feel like we're no longer worth bothering with and throwing us aside

i did not devote my life to my craft to have some fucking nerdlord with a programming degree try to act like i'm worthless because a program can make a rabbit look like it's melting in the late morning sun

@extinct what makes it truly awful is that the AI models only work because they've appropriated the work (via web scraping) of the very artists who they're trying to make irrelevant!

@aparrish that's where the exploitation comes in, it's just digital now

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