genuine for newcomers

unless you're looking for a very small circle of interaction in a walled garden kind of experience, please, please, PLEASE try to follow and engage with people on instance other than the one your account is on

even if you have a bustling local timeline, you really limit yourself if you only ever bother to follow, boost, and reply to people on the same instance as yourself.

people move around, instances shut down, stuff happens.

a big complaint i see from people who dip their toes into the fediverse is that they can't find anyone to follow or interact with

well the problem isn't that there's no one here, it's mostly that we're not all on the same site, so unless you actually browse the federated TL and peep at who's boosting who, you'll be very limited in who you find and it might feel like there's not much there


another genuine is that if you make a post and it doesn't get much engagement~

boost it again later. keep boosting it daily. there's no algorithm here, so if you miss peak engagement hours, you can just boost your own posts to have folks see them again and the platform isn't going to punish you for it

hell, bookmark your own posts so you can bring them back occasionally and have people revisit the hits

yet another is that we generally don't focus as much on numbers here as other social media platforms do

try not to sweat your follower, boost, and fave counts and just try to have a good time and find some cool people to interact with and maybe learn some things~

we're also generally not as stingy about following people back here, usually, because we like to cultivate some sense of actual community rather than just posting alongside other people in a shared virtual space

continuing from the previous

since the fediverse is significantly smaller than places like twitter, ig, etc

you won't see the outrageous numbers that you see elsewhere

if you're hitting double digit interactions on a post, it's doing quite well

if you manage to break into the triple digits, consider it viral this is a very good tip that even some regulars could use tbh
The whole “don’t like/boost your own posts” thing is pretty deeply seated

@tost yeah, there's a lot of unlearning to do when making the switch from places like twitter, insta, etc to activitypub platforms if you hit into the quadruple digits, run
speaking from experience
​:nko_sweat:​ it got so bad I tried deleting the post, but the software just could not handle doing that, so I deleted the damn instance :totodile_laugh:

@extinct I think that if someone *does* want to get double digit reactions, it's helpful to belong to a larger instance.

@mpjgregoire it can be, but that can also lead to being drown out because the timeline will likely move faster due to more users posting more often

this is why it's a good idea to spread out your network to other instances, so you're not reliant on your local to give you the bloops you're after

it also helps to be a good poster lol

@extinct Yes, but if some people on the timeline start boosting your post, then a chain reaction of secondary boosts is more likely to occur.

> it also helps to be a good poster lo

That's definitely where I go wrong. ;)

@mpjgregoire in my experience, diversifying who you interact with, and, if you run your own instance, using relays to federate further, and using popular tags is a more reliable method to get bigger engagement than hoping you'll be spotted in the sea of a large instance's feed

i get pretty consistent interaction with my posts, generally, and my instance is small (on purpose, i have no interest in running a big instance)

You have 1900 followers, @extinct , you must be doing something right (or at least popular). It's not surprising that you get interaction.

Looking back, do you remember anything in particular that you did to attract so many followers?

@mpjgregoire i made a lot of shitposts in a short amount of time during a migration wave from twitter back in 2018

from there, i've been consistently active ever since, mostly shitposting, also art posting, and having genuine discussions

@mpjgregoire being funny seems to be the easiest way to get people to like your posts and follow you expecting more of the same

after that, being a content creator also tends to get eyes on you

and after those two avenues, being a genuine person with genuine interactions builds a level of trust with others

@extinct honestly this place reminds me so much of early 00s internet, including the interactions the posts have. Websites that had healthy growth like YouTube did start out with these small numbers. I remember early 2010s Twitter used to be this chill. I thought masto would go defunct in ‘18 like vidme but I was wrong. I hope it continues to thrive.

@Devselia yeah, there's a lot of that vibe here which is one of the reasons i appreciate it

for better or worse, there'll always be a die hard, if modest, collection of weirdos holding out here, if for no other reason than to exist in spite of corporate-run social media

@extinct I feel like my boost of this might be considered ironic and I'd like to assure you that... ok, it's half ironic. But only half!

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