seeing twitter furries yet again fetishize "loincloths and tribal outfits" then get upset and defensive when indigenous furs tell them that's gross and native fetishism is directly linked to assault against native people and MMIW

non-native people be fucking normal toward other cultures for once challenge

imagine living with your head so far up your ass that you think people being concerned about a very real, very serious issue that targets them specifically is just performative outrage because ~twitter~

and i can't even tell you how many times i've been told that an insensitive, toxic, or otherwise disgusting comment is something i should take "as a compliment"

fuck that noise


ah, now he rolled out the "but it's fictional tribes" chestnut, as if that makes it ok

as if media isn't used as a tool to promote toxic mentalities

as if media and fiction aren't often employed as tools for grooming in some of the most heinous situations

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