it was over 90 today, and we're looking at almost a week of similar temps coming up soon

using my A/C is really expensive since my regular electric bill has jumped up nearly $40/mo without us really using any more power than usual

if anyone could spare a few bucks to help me offset the power bill so we, especially my kid, don't die of heatstroke, i'd appreciate it a lot ❤️

and if you'd rather commission me, that's fine too

for full disclosure's sake:

i don't like using my air conditioner, and avoid doing so for as long as i possibly can. today is maybe the second time this month, possibly the first, i've turned it on at all, and only because i don't want to risk my kid's health from excessive heat and/or dehydration

we live on the third floor and it gets pretty humid here so while high 80s/low 90s might not seem that bad comparably, it can be pretty oppressive even with fans

a few weeks ago i sent out a form to apply for the discounted rates my utility company offers if you pass the usual means testing to prove you're poor but god knows how long they're gonna take to process that and knock a % off my bill

updated forecast is even worse than before :angry_laugh:

using A/C daily for about a week is gonna cost a fortune

@extinct that hot humidity is the worst. best of luck to y'all

@DMX literally the only reason I'm still alive is because the humidity is uncharacteristically low... In the 30%s, which is basically the kind of summer heat I grew up in in norcal. If the air gets damp, I'm done for

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