rob liefeld throwing a boomer tantrum on facebook likely because younger artists can draw feet, and refuse to make every character a muscle tumor on legs with 4000 chiclet teeth and 90 pouches on their 12 belts

@extinct i read that earlier and was like holy shit dude you're 54 grow the fuck up, lmaoooooo

@georgespolitzer right? like, i know stan lee roasted you live on TV once but chill the fuck out and dry your tears with your money you didn't actually deserve cuz ur art sucks

@georgespolitzer needs a mouth with lockjaw and a perma-grimace to show off the inhuman amount of incisors, and also at least one eye visible that has a starburst of light emanating from it for no reason

@extinct "techno organic virus that is kept at bay by my mutant telekinesis" is so dumb. god. he's so bad. lmao.

@extinct I know you don't like capestuff but he found a way to piss off everyone except decrepit gen xers lmao. basically in 2019 Johnathan hickman radically reinvented the mutants for marvel in a brand new and fresh direction in a way no one else thought of that created an infinite universe of stories to tell with them and rob was like so fuming beet red green with envy over it and all the praise Hickman got and was like "actually it's stupid and you're stupid for liking it" and marvel editorial won't let him anywhere near mutants and you can tell it's killing him

@extinct it's literally the best thing to happen to the mutants since giant size #1 lol and rob HATES it

@georgespolitzer anything that pisses rob liefeld off in comics is good imo

that is the singular determining factor (square enix fan voice) hey characters with 12 belts are cool

@heartles but are they just jam-packed with tiny pouches whose content is never revealed

@heartles @extinct they're not belts they're bandoliers with pouches on them that look really dumb lol

@georgespolitzer @heartles also whats he holding, is he gonna do some light dusting? or some tickle kink?

@extinct wow!! his writing is like the text version of his art!!

@valrus clenched jaw and popping veins in paragraph form


“Those people seem entitled,” said the overartist who was upset he couldn’t treat employees as badly as in his younger years

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