More Saturday night FFT

Did Mustadio survive getting blown the fuck up by an ancient robot? Let's find out.

yeah i like monster ladies with big gnarly hands

yeah i played parasite eve in 1998

so! now that the sludge street zine has finally shipped, i'm posting my piece


big shout out to clip studio for automatically doing backups so i didn't lose my work when i lost power last night

Been drawing by the light of a battery powered candle

Must be something romantic, right?

Or it's Mr pito head

Cw for drawn pito

selfie - ec 

that twitter meme where you post a pic of yourself as the final boss of a game without downloading or taking new images

bought myself the new skyscale skin because i got a tip on a commission that covered the price entirely

one of the guilds i'm in in does a yearly secret santa exchange and this is one of the items i sent off to my assigned recipient a few years ago

cw - asura butt

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