spooky has a compulsion to rub on my phone when it's near her so many photo attempts end up like this

a shlocky revenge flick starring linda blair?

well! don't mind if i do

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Come get some fresh Pilk!

It's FREE (tips appreciated)

Use it for vtubing or other purposes where a bottle of cold, refreshing pilk would be useful or funny!

:kofi: ko-fi.com/s/7845f8f7df

when people talk about retro 90s aesthetic they never mention the rad ass packard bell logo

here's what it looks like when you click on an emote in a stream's chat and it has attribution assigned

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if you are given attribution by someone else for their channel, you have to approve it (or deny it if it's incorrect or undesired) and you can find where to do that through your twitch menu

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artist badges can be assigned via your roles manager (where you give mod and vip roles)

you get 5 artist slots, apparently. maybe partners get more or you can unlock new ones later, i'm not sure

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attribution (credit) can be assigned in your emote manager and it looks like this

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artist badges and emote attribution are not live on twitch!

be sure to do this whenever you can to recognize and credit those whose work has created fun and neat things for you to use!

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