it's sunday again!

time for another animal in a sweater; this time a red river hog in a smart-looking nordic cardigan. with tiny spectacles added to emphasize the professor aesthetic

this is why you don't enter these contests

even if you don't win, they retain all rights to your submission, essentially giving them free art to profit off of

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it never fails to amuse me that rich evans (from the ellen show) has to build a throne of pillows every time he watches a movie with the RLM crew

if anyone needs a visual representation of what a sweatshirt goth wears

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In celebration of achieving 200 followers on Twitch, I'll be holding a giveaway raffle for a custom flat color chibi during my stream on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 2020

Everyone in the chat who is an active follower during that stream is eligible to enter (although active subscribers get 2 raffle tickets instead of 1), and entry is free!

go to and follow if you're not already so you know when i go live and can enter the raffle!

examples of chibis i've done previously below:


here's the eggnog gelatin i made a few years ago

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