you can now obtain digital vouchers for custom artwork commissions from me to give as gifts!

load up whole dollar amounts or just pre-purchase a type of commission to be redeemed later!

First win in a while, but it's a good one.

First try win, free play ticket.

hey check out this rad av that @scoots drew up for me~ :blobhearteyesa:

currently using this as my snouts alt icon cuz i didn't wanna confuse people but it will def get a turn in the avatar rotation

cw - drawn skull/maggots

inkwork piece i did for a tattoo apprenticeship application process a few months back

doodlin' a corg as a little wind-down cuz even when i have a day off from art, i feel weird if i don't do some kind of art

:bat_face: BAT ADOPTABLES :batbat:

$25 USD each
3 designs left to choose from
1 per customer
first come, first serve

buyer gets full res PSD and PNG files of the design they purchase

do whatever you want with it, just give me credit :mori:

use this form to claim one:

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