I still got 5 slots to fill for this art meme. Mufos give me refs of your OCs.

You don't HAVE to do the meme, you can basically get a tiny bit of free art from me, come on!

tfw when you return from stepping away from the TL and try to make sense of all the memes and discourse swirling below

feeling a lot better today so i'm finally getting back on track with comic work

gonna try this on here since i'll prolly have better luck than twitter

mufos only plz, drop refs in comments. lemme know if you're gonna do it too so i can toss refs at you.

artstation is rolling out its own print service

i still need to edit a bunch of pieces to fit their size guidelines but here's one piece that's ready to go


doodle of my lala before i changed her hair to something more enby

thinking about the best sauce in the world and how i don't have any right now

nevermind all this other sauce discourse

the only thing you need to worry about is if your sauce is bold

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