today's been a rough one so i might not get around to slapping color on this until tomorrow, so here's the progress

check out this fucking hideous hotel room a friend showed me for no particular reason

mildly lewd wip of lewd art 

rare lewd sneak peek at sketch of 🍆 

here's a small sampling of our rescued tomato plants' yield

🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅

there's more on, but they're still ripening. these ones aren't quite as big as i'd like but they're all ripe and leaving them on the plant would just lead to them rotting.

my new mug arrived today! :blobhearteyesa:

it's absolutely gorgeous, hefty, and perfectly made.

shown next to my 18oz hello kitty mug, for scale. it's an absolute unit.

made by the wonderful pawtory works:

:tp_c: :tp_o: :tp_m: :tp_m: :tp_i: :tp_s: :tp_s: :tp_i: :tp_o: :tp_n:
:tp_m: :tp_e:

I'll draw (almost) anything!

OCs! Fanart! Furry! Monsters! D&D characters! Pets! Weird ideas you want to see in 2D form! NSFW (including gore and porn)!

Reserve a slot~



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in Rahndil societies, reverence and worship of the dead is a common practice. ashturners cultivate a relationship with the deceased by conducting funerary rites, tending to bodies, performing cremations and caring for the ashes of the dead.

through this communion, they are able to become a living conduit through which the power, wisdom and strength of fallen kin and heroes is channeled from beyond.

tattoos are applied ritualistically and only appear when channeling.

unforgivable nerd that i am, i have a whole section of my lair in dedicated to dragons modeled after my comic OCs

did i mention skona is thicc af?

cw: drawn non-lewd nude - not explicit

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