one of the clients who commissioned a tattoo flash from me got it inked and it looks hella good

cw for fresh tattoo

my queue is full right now, plus artfight, but here's a PWYW base i whipped up during my break time from comm work

name your own price, tips appreciated but not required

feline and canine included

CLIP and PSD files available

personal use only. you can edit and customize, just provide credit. no reselling or adoptables, please.

i've been given the ok to share a preview of my piece for the upcoming streetwear zine :shin:

cw - blood

this is my homeland. this is where my people existed for thousands of years in peace with nature and with other indigenous peoples (for the most part)

now it's home to white people, golf courses, and seaside bed and breakfasts

while my people live in poverty in a remote valley a long, windy, dangerous road away from civilization

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my family came from the extreme north of northern pomo territory, nearly on the border with the coast yuki (who were one of the few aggressive tribes in northern california, to the point where the name yuki was not their name for themselves, but one given by neighboring tribes, and was not friendly in meaning)

we're from the area where fort bragg currently exists, but were forced to migrate inland to round valley along with several other tribes we did not share language with, including the yuki

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