we're continuing into twin peaks: the return tonight at 8pm eastern

come join us as we fire up s3e11


so is officially over and done for 2021 and now i'm gonna post all the pieces i managed to do this time around~

starting with a traditional media hozzerino (as seen on twitch dot tee vee)

it's wednesday again and that means movie night over in the nightcrew discord

we're continuing with TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN (aka season 3)

we'll get things rolling at 8pm eastern


also now reminded that rico (second from the left) is a very large man with a very small ass

if you haven't played xenogears you might be wondering

is he an old man? is something wrong with him?

no, and no

he's a child and apparently no one seems to think he's got anything wrong with him in the game

but he still looks like this

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posting dan from xenogears for no reason other than his weird ass design is forever seared into my memory since my first time playing the game in 1998 and i need others to also share this curse

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