i've been slacking on posting the showcase clips of commissions I've done

here's dankwraith

selfie - no ec 

the only bad thing about never leaving the house anymore is that there's no reason for me to wear makeup... and my eyeliner is prolly all dried out now

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i won the final hardback copy of skal in one of @JenJen 's stream raffles and it arrived today~


it's almost like we're still in the middle of a fucking pandemic and starting up conventions again and attending large gatherings in enclosed spaces is a really fucking bad idea

doing some very seat-of-my-pants one point perspective

winter 2021 YCH avatars are here~

🎄 $25 each
🎄 Single character only
🎄 Any species
🎄 Flat color
🎄 Furry and Humanoid characters OK!

Guaranteed done before Christmas

Ko-fi and Twitch subscribers get discounts, so please leave your username or email address somewhere in your form/message to get your discount applied!

if you want more than one (as a gift, or to get both types, etc), please fill out a separate form for each YCH


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