emblem i did for my clan in flight rising cuz i'm a dingus who plays dragon breeding/collecting/dressup games despite being in my 30s

i love finding half-finished drawings in my catacomb of files

i'm gonna finish this one

just want to inform everyone that i've revised the Big Tiddy Alf design so that it should look a bit better on stickers than the last one which was not really optimized for printing


made this when i had to wait a week between eps of s3 to air last year and it's still accurate

Look at all the fursuits at the Halloween store

displaying my own art in my guild house cuz i can

speaking of primates...

so quickly we forget our own

got someone to cover my shift on halloween in exchange for covering theirs this saturday so now i can take the kid trick or treating for the first time

(minor weed reference) f2p mmos are so much cooler now than they were back in the early 2000s

everyone on here should play maplestory 2 cuz it basically gives you the ability to shitpost with pictures

reminded of @jzs42069 's steamy dr phil fic so let's bring this classic back

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