Finally posting this absolutely massive shaded elden ring-themed commission I did recently

:batbat: BAT BASE PACK :bat_halloween:

:batpog: 4 different kinds of anthro bat for you to customize as you see fit!

:batpog: $10 for the pack, 4 designs included

:batpog: PSD and CLIP files available


ko-fi subscribers get a 25% discount! :batopensa:


:bat_face: BAT ADOPTABLES :batbat:

$25 USD each
3 designs left to choose from
1 per customer
first come, first serve

buyer gets full res PSD and PNG files of the design they purchase

do whatever you want with it, just give me credit :mori:

use this form to claim one:

another one, this time for my brother in law @/thesteelshep over on twet

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