Bubblebath (quasi-lewd) YCH

🛁 $35 USD
🛁 Full color, shaded
🛁 Any species
🛁 Any gender

1 slot, first come - first serve


(if you prefer to use paypal, let me know through the commissio listing and i'll do an offsite invoice)


things are getting violent

🗨️ Read the latest: emberturnedflame.com/comic/fif

💭 First page: emberturnedflame.com/comic/one

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folx who use :telegram:

i have a channel set up just for my art and related updates! it also has a chat channel attached to it for discussing art and creative stuff.


might be of convenience if the flow of the fedi makes it hard to see posts sometime.

i also have a lewd art channel, but it's private and only open to patrons/supporters


2009 - 2019 knitting edition

i already knew how to crochet, thanks to my grandma, and then refreshers on youtube

but i taught myself to knit, using just youtube and tutorials on knitty and knittinghelp.com during 2009

and this year, i finished my first ever sweater (for my 5 year old child). nevermind the fact i started it 2 years ago.

2009 - 2019

there's not a lot of art from 2009. lots of personal shit caused that well to dry up a bit between late 2008 and 2010/2011

biggest difference here is that i moved from working mostly analog media to mostly digital media

in case you missed my stream this evening (cw for ridiculous pecs and abs)

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