users, art peers, and art fans~

i have a kinda neglected art channel that i'm trying to motivate myself to post on more often

if you're interested in getting art posts, as well as commission and other related announcements, join the channel:


there's also an attached chat channel that i haven't really used much yet, but would be willing to if there was interest:

another piece from the other day

i see a lot of these at work, so i didn't even need to use reference lol

also i wish we had some with lucky bats on them instead of pagodas or dragons


first proper piece i did yesterday to test out how my new sketchbook handles graphite, ink, and marker

all my inktober pieces are going up on patreon before they go public and some will only be on patreon (NSFW)


i haven't done anything for yet, so here's some older inkwork pieces i've done in the mean time

cw for snail nips and tree dong

πŸŽƒ :ghost_owo: 😈 πŸ¦‡ :moon_photo:

hey, now that spoopmonth is basically here, many may be itching for seasonally appropriate avatars


i do all kinds of stuff. OCs, fanart, furry, monsters, etc. i can also do non-seasonal avatars if you're not in the 'ween mood.

flat color is $25, shading is $30

use this form:


use commissio:

πŸŽƒ :ghost_owo: 😈 πŸ¦‡ :moon_photo:

so, since i still haven't sorted out selling my night crew stickers, i've put the design up on redbubble as shirts, stickers and some other offerings people might like


new post up on patreon for all tiers, art that won't be up for the public for another month and a half or so~


i haven't done much upload worthy art that i can post lately so here's a pocket-sized anyanis

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