Halloween avatars

2 versions to choose from
$25 usd each

Any character
Any species
Costumes and accessories OK
Background included (will not be changed)
Flat color only (simple shading and highlights added at my discretion)

Use the form to reserve a slot:

good morbing

i drew vegeta in one of my standard summertime outfits because i can

i did that jack-o challenge thing

redrafted because i closed my patreon lol


suikawari (スイカ割り) is a summertime tradition of hitting watermelons with a stick or pole to crack them open to eat and enjoy.

you may have seen it in a beach episode of your favorite anime.

$40 USD

🍉 Any species! Any outfit!
🍉 Human or anthro OK!
🍉 One character only!
🍉 Background is included

Reference image is REQUIRED; if you want me to design your character, i offer regular commissions for that (+ design fee)

I was contacted late last year to illustrate a crest that features very prominently in the novel Ordinary Monsters and now that the book is out, I figure it's a fine time to show the work I did for it.

:betterpride: PWYW Pride Mugs :queercat_pride:

An asset set for vtubers!

Totally free (tips appreciated)

Includes a set of pride flag themed mugs and a set of arms for posing them on models in 4 different skintones

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