:batbat: BAT BASE PACK :bat_halloween:

:batpog: 4 different kinds of anthro bat for you to customize as you see fit!

:batpog: $10 for the pack, 4 designs included

:batpog: PSD and CLIP files available



starting off my twitch emote thread

yes, i do take commissions for these ($25 - patrons and twitch subscribers get discounts~)


so, reading the guidelines for emotes, i doubt twitch would accept this since i don't own the rights to it but that doesn't mean i can't use it elsewhere

cw - biohorror

my queue is full right now, plus artfight, but here's a PWYW base i whipped up during my break time from comm work

name your own price, tips appreciated but not required

feline and canine included

CLIP and PSD files available

personal use only. you can edit and customize, just provide credit. no reselling or adoptables, please.


i've been given the ok to share a preview of my piece for the upcoming streetwear zine :shin:

cw - blood

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