i've been slacking on posting the showcase clips of commissions I've done

here's dankwraith

krampus YCH is now open!

$60 USD for single full-body character paired with Krampus!

🎁2500x3000px finished image
🎁Full color
🎁Minimal shading/highlight
🎁Simple background
🎁Any species/gender
🎁Minimal clothing/accessories please


progress shot of the pay-to-use bat live2D model i'm going to be working on and completing on stream -- including the full rigging process

dangly skeleton vtuber model i made using live2D

originally done as an experiment to figure out techniques and a better workflow for myself, using @drybonesofficial as a guinea pig

do you like shirts and mousepads and stickers with weird art on them??

WELL redbubble is having a 20% of everything sale and i have stuff up on redbubble!

use code SHOPTEMBER at checkout

:redbubble: redbubble.com/people/skogul/sh

HORNS asset pack is now available!

Dress up your model in VTube studio for the spoopy season! PWYW - You set the price!

Available on itch.io and ko-fi:



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