my queue is full right now, plus artfight, but here's a PWYW base i whipped up during my break time from comm work

name your own price, tips appreciated but not required

feline and canine included

CLIP and PSD files available

personal use only. you can edit and customize, just provide credit. no reselling or adoptables, please.

i've been given the ok to share a preview of my piece for the upcoming streetwear zine :shin:

cw - blood

time to start my 2020 thread

first attack is actually a sort-of revenge against crowfangs for an attack i got at the very end of the event last year that i didn't have time to respond to


suikawari (スイカ割り) is a summertime tradition of hitting watermelons with a stick or pole to crack them open to eat and enjoy.

you may have seen it in a beach episode of your favorite anime.

$35 USD

🍉 Any species! Any outfit!
🍉 Human or anthro OK!
🍉 One character only!
🍉 Background is included (I will not edit the background or scene)!

reserve a slot~



i haven't posted a lot of art lately because it didn't feel like a good time and also due to personal mental health reasons

but here's a skona posing with her/their kashye (the spectral chain, derived from the pomo word for rope, "kashi")


since most pride events are probably going to be postponed or canceled this year, it's the perfect time to show even more pride in internet spaces~

:betterpride: 2 styles to choose from: mask or sunglasses!

:betterpride: Any pride flag! Any background color!

:betterpride: Human or Furry, any species!

:betterpride: $25 USD each!

Paypal form:



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