cw - drawn skull/maggots

inkwork piece i did for a tattoo apprenticeship application process a few months back

:bat_face: BAT ADOPTABLES :batbat:

$25 USD each
3 designs left to choose from
1 per customer
first come, first serve

buyer gets full res PSD and PNG files of the design they purchase

do whatever you want with it, just give me credit :mori:

use this form to claim one:

hey, anyone want an invite to

it's a really handy site if you take commissions or sell digital goods, or want a way to have recurring support (like patreon)


introducing Heido and The Red Room :aetf:

🗨️ Read the latest:

💭 First page:

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what up? i'm extinct. i'm a bat. i'm queer (enby/agender), 30-something, mixed Japanese & Native American. i'm also a communist, and a virgo.

i'm an illustrator & comic artist. i draw creepy, occult, eldritch stuff. i also do some furry, fanart, & lewd sometimes.

i shitpost a lot.

commissions usually open.

i own/run and I rep

finally finished this long overdue pinup of tifa lockhart

this and all my other lewd art are available to $3/mo patrons


$20 USD

Any character
Any gender
Any species
Furry and non-Furry 🆗

These will be open through February 2020!



:patreon: :patreon:

been a while since i did anything for but here's the best i've been able to manage since i got hit with yet another roaming virus of one sort or another

also basically how i've felt the last couple of days

:hausu: creepy pumpkin 

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