too busy to draw a full image for but here's a wip i need to finish

for those who didn't catch my stream last night, i made myself a reactive image (aka streambuddy) for when i'm doing things too intensive for my PC to let me use my facerig

dug through a box that hasn't really been opened since the last time we moved and found a bunch of art supplies and an old sketchbook and damn there's some good shit in there i forgot i ever drew

appreciated a bat today on stream

kicking the rust off my traditional media lol

yeah i like monster ladies with big gnarly hands

yeah i played parasite eve in 1998

so! now that the sludge street zine has finally shipped, i'm posting my piece


3 eels in a sweater inspired by the ehomaki hidey-tubes the Sendai Aquarium set up for their conger eels

being hot garbage and reposting something from my twitter but this art meme isn't really happening here so

so, since i've started doing crafting streams, i mentioned i've made a quaggan amigurumi

here it is

this was made in... 2015. crocheted out of caron simply soft acrylic and sent out to a guildmate for a secret santa exchange in SFD

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