Come get some fresh Pilk!

It's FREE (tips appreciated)

Use it for vtubing or other purposes where a bottle of cold, refreshing pilk would be useful or funny!


new ko-fi membership tier is now live!

BASE BOOSTED is an enhanced version of the sketchbook tier, with all the same benefits, plus:

15% discount on commissions
ALL of my customizable bases available for FREE

Finally posting this absolutely massive shaded elden ring-themed commission I did recently

it's so i made a merm base for you to use to make your own merm!

it's only $2

includes 2 body types, 2 face types, and 4 ear types you can mix and match

credit is required
do not resell/redistribute the base, but you can make and sell adoptables with it

(ko-fi supporters get a 25% discount on this and all pay to use bases)


:batbat: BAT BASE PACK :bat_halloween:

:batpog: 4 different kinds of anthro bat for you to customize as you see fit!

:batpog: $10 for the pack, 4 designs included

:batpog: PSD and CLIP files available


ko-fi subscribers get a 25% discount! :batopensa:


4/20 YCHs done this year~

Not as many as I've done in previous years because I've been swamped with bigger commissions so I didn't promote them as much

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