clip studio paint is 50% off again until March 17th~


as new horizons approaches and hype increases, i wanna let y'all know i do AC style commissions

same prices as my regular avatars and chibis, just in a more AC-style

$25 for flat color
$30 for shaded

$35 for flat color
$40 for shaded

did you know i make and sell bases that you can download and customize?

you can even make adoptables to sell or trade, so long as you properly credit me for the base

i've put up the option for chest-up bust portrait commissions on both my google form and my commissio~

they're bigger than avs and they cost the same as my chibis, but are more detailed and only 1/3 body

$35 for flat color
$40 for shaded

remembering the greatest piece of pokemon fanart i've ever drawn

trans sylveon flipping a double bird with aviators on

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